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Refinery alternatives to box coolers

See why oil refineries are making the switch from antiquated box coolers to heat exchangers.

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Debottleneck naphtha hydrotreaters with highest project ROI

Discover how to use capital and energy efficient Compabloc technology in naphtha hydrotreating.

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Overcome the challenges of cooling desalter water effluent

Read how Alfa Laval’s spiral plate heat exchanger technology solves the challenges in cooling desalter water effluent. 

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Reduce carbon intensity while improving bottom line in the refining sector

Learn how Alfa Laval has partnered with refineries to reduce their carbon intensity and achieve sustainability goals.

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How to cut your refinery cooling water consumption by 30-50%

Water is one of the key utilities necessary to process a crude oil into a refined product. One way to economically reduce your cooling water requirement is to design your exchanger with temperature cross with the help of compact welded plate heat exchanger technology.

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