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Alfa Laval equipment for refineries

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All-welded and fully accessible, the Compabloc can handle tough duties that need high pressures and temperatures. It can even cope with the most aggressive inlet media without compromising on fast and easy cleaning or inspection. Its flexible connection size and placement can manage asymmetric flows, and work in combination with a short plate construction to make the perfect solution for condensing and re-boiling duties. 

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Spiral heat exchangers

The spiral heat exchanger is our no.1 problem solver. With its single-channel arrangement, this heat exchanger is self-cleaning and able to handle high-viscosity fluids. This design is easy to access for maintenance, making it the perfect option for low operating costs and optimized plant uptime. It also makes it an outstanding condenser that utilizes the lowest possible pressure drop. It can even be top mounted to reduce the installation costs even further. 

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Alfa Laval SpiralCond

A welded spiral heat exchanger capable of operating with extremely low pressure drop. The perfect choice for condensing vapours at high vacuum and available in different configurations, e.g. with multiple cooling media or integrated in columns.

Suitable for use as top, reflux or vent condensers as well as an excellent as reboiler or steam generator when operating with fouling fluids. Alfa Laval has delivered more than 30 SpiralCond exchangers to refinery processes.

Design temperature: -50-400°C (58°F–842°F)
Design pressure: FV–60 bar (FV–870 psi)

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Alfa Laval Packinox plate heat exchanger



Due to its many advantages, Packinox has become the industry standard combined feed/effluent heat exchanger in catalytic reformers and paraxylene plants. The potential OPEX reduction in these applications is significant, and choosing the right heat exchanger has a great impact on energy costs. 

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Alfa Laval Olmi Reforming Process Gas Boiler

Alfa Laval Olmi process gas boilers

A complete package for production of high-pressure superheated steam using heat from your hydrogen reformer. Includes process gas boiler, steam drum (including risers and downcomers), steam superheater and boiler feed water preheaters, with an optimized design for maximal heat recovery, highest reliability and low lifecycle cost. Alfa Laval has delivered more than 20 Olmi process gas boiler packages to hydrogen production processes.

Design temperature: -150–1,000°C (-238°F–1,832°F)
Design pressure: FV–300 bar (0–4,351 psi)

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Alfa Laval Niagara Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC)

A fully customized, closed-loop evaporative cooling systems characterized by high performance, low operating costs, a compact design and reliable operation. The single approach to the ambient wet-bulb temperature means a Niagara WSAC system can cool to a lower temperature than a traditional dry air cooler or a closed water loop/cooling tower combination.

Suitable for a wide range of cooling and condensing tasks, Alfa Laval has delivered more than 20 WSACs to refinery processes.

Design temperature: -0–232°C (32°F–450°F)
Design pressure: FV–170 bar (0–2500 psi

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Alfa Laval Olmi finned tube air heat exchangers

A versatile, engineered-to-order dry air heat exchanger for use in critical applications with the highest demands for reliability. Available in a wide range of high-grade materials, with a unique vapour inlet distribution chamber that minimizes risk of salt formation and corrosion.

Suitable for reactor effluent cooling at high pressures and hydrogen content and can also be used for a wide range of other cooling and condensing tasks. Alfa Laval has delivered more than 600 high-pressure Olmi air heat exchangers to refinery processes.

Max design temperature: 400°C (752°F)
Design pressure: 613 bar (8,891 psi)

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Accelerating sustainable solutions

Imagine a more sustainable world. A world in which less is needed to produce even more. A world in which we efficiently meet our growing energy needs and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. Imagine a world where we can harness the power of natural resources while preserving them. At Alfa Laval, we don't just imagine this world. We build it together with our customers and our partners.

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