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Energy costs represent one of the largest production costs for crude oil refineries. This makes energy efficiency improvement one of the most important ways to reduce costs, increase earnings and improve the bottom line. Alfa Laval’s solutions for refineries offer a straightforward way to maximize profit while ensuring product quality and maximum yield.


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Interested in crude oil distillation or desalting, in catalytic hydrotreatment or alkylation? Explore our content by application to learn more about how Alfa Laval refinery solutions help refineries all over the world

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Our experts share their knowledge in refinery applications. Learn more about how you can rethink your refinery with our webinars on demand

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Process optimization services

At Alfa Laval, we are refinery process optimization pioneers. With us as your process design partner, we can help set up your entire project for success. When partnering with us, you get access to a range of services, covering all stages of your project— ranging from initial idea generation, through feasibility, design studies and documents, to installation and commissioning of our equipment.


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Interested in improving efficiency in your refinery? Our team of experts has proved their worth in refinery applications around the world. 

At Alfa Laval we design solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. You can find some of our core areas of expertise in applications


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In many regions, energy costs represent up to 50% of the total operating expenditures. Even in regions with low energy costs, maximizing energy efficiency is high on the agenda to reduce emissions and the refinery environmental footprint.

Learn about how our trusted specialists have solved complex refinery cases around the world.


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Heat exchangers vs shell and tubes

  • 3-5 times higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Down to 3°C (5.4°F) hot or cold approach temperature
  • Up to eight shell-and-tube heat exchangers in series can be replaced by a single Alfa Laval heat exchanger with 80-90% lower flooded weight
  • Much lower pressure drop in heat recovery and condensing services
  • Up to 3X longer operation between cleanings for high-fouling services


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Leverage our refinery expertise—maximize your process efficiency

Staying competitive in today’s refinery business means you need to seek out opportunities to reduce production costs without negatively affecting yield or the quality of your product. And improving energy efficiency may be an important component of addressing your environmental strategy.
That’s why the process design phase of your project is especially important. You want to ensure every early decision made will maximize your future investment. With Alfa Laval as your process design partner, we can help set up your entire project for success. Involve us in the early design stage and learn how our expertise and collaborative approach will ensure your project is truly exceptional—and one that makes for great results.

Big benefits—optimizing the design of your refinery condensing system

Interested in improving separation efficiency in your refinery? Looking to optimize the design of your refinery condensing system but constrained by conventional design processes? Trade in your traditional design processes for Alfa Laval’s solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiencies while recovering low-grade energy that otherwise might have been wasted. Listen here to discover how we can deliver a new way of design thinking to refineries.

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Discover how you can improve sustainability with Alfa Laval Compabloc and Spiral products, unique innovations that Alfa Laval has developed based on our decades of experience in thermal transfer


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