Alfa Laval - Featured Refinery Videos and Animations

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Featured refinery videos and animations

These featured videos and animations demonstrate how Alfa Laval Compabloc and Spiral products operate, including their cleaning and maintenance instructions. Built with unique features that prevent fouling, these products ensure the most reliable performance with high uptime and low maintenance requirements.

Compabloc featured refinery videos and animations

Compabloc – Liquid-to-liquid

Compabloc - 1-pass condenser

Compabloc - 2-pass condenser

Compabloc – Reboiler Explained

Compabloc cleaning

Compabloc repair process

Compabloc with C-weld enables superior cleaning and extended performance

Compabloc with SmartClean for fast and efficient flushing of fouling material



Spiral featured videos and animations

SpiralPro - welded spiral heat exchangers

SpiralCond - welded spiral heat exchangers

SpiralPro -Steam Heater welded spiral heat exchangers

How to clean spiral heat exchangers

Spiral heat exchanger repair process

Spiral heat exchanger with SelfClean design that prevents fouling

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