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Three reasons to upgrade your GJ 8 geartrain

You asked. We listened. Your demanding applications need a more robust tank cleaner that runs longer with less maintenance. We’ve developed a geartrain for the GJ 8 that does exactly that.


The new patented GJ 8 geartrain has several features that make it technically superior to the standard design. The more robust design constructed with all stainless-steel components results in an increased run time, expanded wash fluid compatibility and excellent corrosion resistance.

Keep reading to discover three key reasons to upgrade your GJ 8 geartrain now.


More than 200% increase in operating life

While a typical GJ 8 tank cleaning device requires maintenance every 800-1000 hours of operation, this upgrade will allow the geartrain, the heart of the machine, to run more than 2000 hours, resulting in extended time between scheduled maintenance intervals.

The extended operating life is made possible by several design components. The number of gears used in each level of the gear stack has been increased, allowing for greater load-bearing capability as torque is transmitted through the geartrain. Additionally, the gears have been constructed as large as possible without increasing the envelope of the geartrain. This increased surface area better distributes wear and preserves the gears’ teeth which prompts the extended lifespan.


30% decrease in future repair costs

The new cartridge-style geartrain allows for easier and less costly refurbishment. In a recent repair, a customer was able to save more than $500 and continue using the enhanced geartrain! This lowered the repair cost because only normal wear parts required replacement.

Another design component that contributes to a reduction in repair costs is that the double-sealed input and output shafts have dual tasks. The gears are protected from wash fluid and debris build-up while lubrication is retained within the gear cartridge to keep things running smoothly.


Full compatibility with the standard GJ 8

The new GJ 8 geartrain is a true plug-and-play solution. The cartridge-style design is easily retrofittable to any existing GJ 8 model. Repairs and upgrades can be performed in our service center or can be replaced by your team using simple hand tools. Download the Service and Repair form.


Contact Alfa Laval today at customerservice.exton@alfalaval.com or call 1-877-426-2538 to schedule your one-time upgrade.

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