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Rotary impingement tank cleaning devices

Alfa Laval rotary jet heads enable processing and manufacturing companies to use the least amount of resources while achieving the most effective tank clean. Rotary jet heads are specifically engineered to use the pressure and flow available to create high impact cleaning jets. Automated and fluid-driven, these devices maximize mechanical force, which reduces the amount of time, temperature and cleaning solution needed to effectively clean.

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Small tanks

Range: Up to 2.5 ft. (.75 m)
Capacity: Up to 275 gal. (1,000 L)
Distance: Up to 2.5 ft. (.75 m) in diameter


Mid-sized tanks

Range: 2.5 - 12 ft (.75 - 4 m)
Capacity: 275 - 8,000 gal. (1,000 - 30,000 L)
Distance: Up to 2.5 ft. (.75 m) in diameter 


Large tanks

Range: 12 - 100+ ft. (4 - 30+ m)
Capacity: Up to 1.5 mil gal. (5.6 mil L)*
Distance: Up to 2.5 ft. (.75 m) in diameter


*using one rotary jet device


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