Tank cleaning Equipment


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Connecting and placing your tank cleaner

Inlet connections


Choose your connection, we have both industrial and sanitary connections.


A convienant attachment for our bung down wine barrel cleaners.



Used for temporarly mounting an Alfa Laval Gamajet in a fixed location, perfect for tanks with imperfect bottoms.

Portable cleaning cart

Perfect for portable bottom entry applications, where you can roll the Gamajet in and out.

Manway Adapter

Designed for easy insertion into manways, the unit seals and prevents splash-out during cleaning.

Sidewinder horizontal cleaner

Enables a tank cleaning device to be placed on its side, to completely change the nature of the nozzles’ orbit.

Validating rotary impingement cleaning

Alfa Laval Rotacheck

Find some extra assurance that your rotary impingement tank cleaning machine is working and validate your process.

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