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Alfa Laval Gamajet and Toftejorg tank cleaning machines are designed for durability; however, periodic maintenance keeps the world’s best rotary jet heads performing at their peak. For an extended shelf life of your tank cleaning machine, preventative maintenance every 800-1,000 hours is advised. If you take proper care, your machine(s) will last for decades.

Our Best-in-Class Service & Repair Program offers you: 

    • 24-48* hour turnaround
    • Renewed warranty
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Complete machine inspection and quotation
    • Hydraulic testing at your operation conditions

No appointment necessary

Ready to get started? Service your tank cleaning device in 4 easy steps:

1. Download the service and repair form.

2. Mail in your machine along with the completed form (A convenient mailing label is at the bottom of the form).

3. We'll send you a quote. Once you confirm, we'll begin servicing your device.

4. After your machine has been serviced, we'll send it back to you via your desired shipping method.

DIY Servicing

DIY/Do-it-yourself in the field with the expertise of our service team just a phone call away.

  • Download your device's owner's manual for instructions
  • Email us to replace worn parts or order rebuild kits
  • Every machine is field-serviceable if needed
  • Machine technician just a phone call away


*24-48 hour turnaround is guaranteed for ALL Gamajet and Toftejorg machines, rotary spray heads not included. 



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Hours: 7:30am to 5:00pm EST, M-F

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