Tank cleaning equipment

How the right tank cleaning device can increase production time

Many companies are working with limited staffing, but production demands remain the same, or have increased. How do you maintain or increase production with limited resources and manpower?


During the current business situation, everyone is looking for ways to do more with less – decreased staffing and fewer available manhours are a reality of our current production schedules. When you are looking for ways to get more up-time for production, one hidden area where you can find more time is in your Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning process, because, a tank that is down for cleaning is a tank that isn’t producing until the CIP is done.

Few people consider their current cleaning process as an opportunity to gain more time for production. If you can shorten your CIP cycles, you have more time for production. Not only will less time be required for cleaning but also fewer costly chemicals and hot water will be required to get an effective clean.

One way to shorten the CIP cycle would be to easily retrofit your existing static sprayballs with rotary spray heads to get the cleaning job done and save about 30% in time, chemicals and hot water usage. Think of what an additional 30% savings would mean - a 90 minute cleaning cycle would now only take about an hour.  You have just gained 30 minutes of additional production time per cleaning cycle!

For even more time for additional production, consider using rotary jet head high impact cleaning devices. You can get around a 70% reduction in cleaning time in addition to a similar reduction in chemical and hot water usage when using a jet head. When we look at our 90-minute cleaning cycle it has now been reduced to 27 minutes, leaving an added hour for production. What would an additional hour reclaimed from each cleaning cycle give you – an additional batch per shift or per day?  That is truly efficient cleaning!

If you your current method is manual cleaning, consider the time needed for one or two people to hand scrub a tank. This is manpower that could be used for production. Automating your CIP cleaning will free up personnel for production, as well as help your production team avoid confined space entry and inconsistent cleaning.  

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