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Spares and repairs: The importance of maintaining your tank cleaning device

Your tanks are a dark and mysterious place, and it’s easy to forget maintenance on your tank cleaning device. Proper maintenance is critical for your production, so it’s important to be aware of both when and how to repair your equipment. Continue reading below to discover our recommendations for maintaining your tank cleaning device.

What you need to know about maintenance

You shouldn’t wait for your tank cleaning device to fail. When a pump, valve, or any other critical piece of equipment fails, your process and your production will be down until you can make repairs. Keeping your Gamajet or Toftejorg tank cleaning device running in tip-top condition is essential to ensure your production moves swiftly and efficiently. Consider following our simple preventive maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your tank cleaning devices.


As with any piece of critical equipment, including your tank cleaning device, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Following our recommended maintenance intervals is your best way to avert disaster from an interruption of your production. Your service intervals for all your Alfa Laval equipment is just a click away and access to all your Owner’s Manuals can be found here.


How to maintain your tank cleaning device

There are two ways we recommend maintaining or repairing your tank cleaning device to ensure smooth operation. Alfa Laval offers both in-house repairs and factory repairs for a certified rebuild that will renew your warranty.


In-house maintenance and repairs can be done using a simple kit for both minor and major repairs. Depending on your model, the contents of these kits differ. Minor repair kits generally consist of critical wear parts and elastomers, while major repair kits include additional parts for the geartrain that would not typically require replacement under normal operating conditions. Our minor kits cover almost all Preventative Maintenance requirements and our major kits are usually required when there is a critical failure on a unit. Contact one of our experts today to enquire about a spare part kit and receive same-day shipping.


For those of you who don’t have the time or expertise necessary to repair or maintain your tank cleaning device, we recommend a factory service or repair. Alfa Laval offers factory service that consist of a full disassembly, inspection, and ultrasonic cleaning to ensure your equipment is returned to you with like-new functionality. Additionally, it will renew your one-year warranty.


Knowing your tank cleaning equipment is in good hands when undergoing a factory service should be top-of-mind, which is why every unit is hydraulically tested before return. There is no appointment or RMA needed for a factory repair, you can simply fill out this document and send it in with your unit.


Don’t let your tank cleaning device get forgotten. When it’s time to service your equipment, contact your local Alfa Laval expert at +1 (610) 408-9940 or customerservice.exton@alfalaval.com.

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