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How preventive maintenance of your tank cleaning device saves money and prevents downtime

Just like a car needs a regular oil change, your tank cleaning device needs regular maintenance to continue running in tip-top shape.

When was the last time you had your tank cleaning device serviced?

If you can’t remember, it’s probably time.

Preventive maintenance is important in many aspects of our everyday lives including when we take our car in for a tune up and oil change. We all know this is required to keep our car running well and to be sure it's there to get you around. You would never want to be left stranded. 

Your tank cleaning devices are just as critical for your plant’s operation and keeping production at peak levels. Don’t let a down tank cleaning device shut down one of your tanks.

How often should tank cleaning devices be serviced?Tank Cleaning Service.PNG

All rotary tank cleaning devices have internal parts that are susceptible to wear. While Alfa Laval’s Toftejorg and Gamajet tank cleaning devices are well known for their long life and robust design, preventive maintenance is recommended after approximately 600-800 hours of run time.

If a Tank Cleaning device is used beyond the recommended run time, damage can result to more than just the “wear parts” that would be replaced during  average preventive maintenance service. This will make service costs more expensive.

It is much easier to keep your tank cleaning device in tip-top running order with preventive maintenance - run to failure is not an option for your production schedule. Preventive maintenance is also proven to reduce your repair costs over the lifetime of your equipment.

What to look for in a preventive maintenance service package

If you need your Alfa Laval tank cleaning device repaired right and guaranteed to work like new, be sure to contact your local Alfa Laval distributor. You can’t get these kinds of benefits from a third-party or fly-by-night repair service.

Alfa Laval’s service and repair includes:

  • Renews your 1-year warranty.  A repaired unit is good as new.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Detailed inspection and report of recommended repairs
  • Guaranteed 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Always Genuine Alfa Laval parts
  • Hydraulic testing before return, guaranteeing as-new performance
  • Fully staffed shop with the repair parts needed to keep you up and running

Tank Cleaning team.jpg

Only with an Alfa Laval authorized service and repair can you expect to receive all these benefits. 

Quick case story:  Customer down, 3-hour turnaround

A local chemical company’s production was down after their GJ 8 tank cleaning device stopped running. They immediately contacted Alfa Laval and notified our team that they needed 24-hour turnaround to minimize production delays. Alfa Laval’s Production Manager, John, confirmed that we could absolutely help him.

The unit arrived at Alfa Laval’s shop early the next day and within two hours the repair estimate was emailed to the customer who immediately approved it. The device was repaired and ready to ship that afternoon. The chemical company was back up and running the following morning.

The customer called John thanking him for the excellent service. John commented “I am proud of our team here in Coatesville (PA). We were glad to help a customer who needed our help. It is what we do on a routine basis.”

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