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Tote cleaning turnaround: Totes are cleaner than ever and the Alfa Laval Gamajet paid for itself in one week


Totes are used in just about every industry, for just about every kind of product. At a Georgia chemical company, totes are used for shipping the company’s products, and they are recycled for re-use after the shipment has been delivered. Many of the totes for receiving raw materials from suppliers are also recycled for re-use at the company.

For years, the company’s Director of Operations was frustrated by the costs of sending dirty totes to their tote supplier for refurbishing/cleaning, and the time it took to clean them by hand if he chose to have them cleaned in-house. He also had to make sure that re-used totes were 100 percent clean, to avoid the dangers of cross contamination between product shipments. Oftentimes, the cleaning done in-house by hand was less than perfect.

He decided to give a Alfa Laval GJ Tote Blaster a shot at cleaning the totes to see if they could reclaim the costs of sending totes out to be refurbished. In order to accomplish this, the Alfa Laval Gamajet had to reduce the time spent cleaning totes in-house and increase the level of in-house cleaning effectiveness.

Not only did the Alfa Laval accomplish these goals, but it accomplished them so well that the plant bought another Gamajet Tote Blaster that paid for itself in one week. Alfa Laval tank cleaners utilize rotary impingement technology to create full coverage, high impact cleaning. Due to the high level of impact, the Alfa Laval Gamajet’s use less water, and take much less time to clean than other methods, such as manual scrubbing. Alfa Laval Gamajet’s scour tank and tote interiors in a repeatable and reliable 360-degree pattern, ensuring the tank or tote interior is impeccably cleaned, every time.


The company was able to bring the entire tote cleaning process in-house, completely eliminating the costs of sending them to the tote supplier for refurbishing. Additionally, the Alfa Laval Gamajet cleans their totes 25-50% faster than manual cleaning, taking only 4 to 8 minutes depending on the amount and type of residue.  The totes are also 100 percent cleaned, every time. Alfa Laval's tote cleaner is saving the company time and money, so much so that one Alfa Laval Gamajet machine paid for itself in one week.

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