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Crude Oil Desalting

In this refinery application series on Crude Oil Desalting; explore how Alfa Laval's welded heat exchanger technologies have been applied to debottleneck, increase capacity, reduce CAPEX, increase energy efficiency & reduce utilities.

Application leaflet

Removing salts and impurities from crude oil is critical for maximizing the efficiency of a refinery’s distillation process. Whether you need to improve desalter performance or effluent water management, Alfa Laval has the experience and the solutions to solve your problems.

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Blog post

Read how Alfa Laval’s spiral plate heat exchanger technology solves the challenges in cooling desalter water effluent.

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Case stories

US Refinery has solved costly fouling problems in desalter effluent cooling by installing Alfa Laval Spiral Heat Exchanger

An installed Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchanger

Texan Refinery have maximized cooling of it's effluent water using an Alfa Laval Wet Surface Air Cooler

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Special report

How to use Alfa Laval Spiral heat exchangers in desalter effluent service to reduce fouling issues.

Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchanger maintenance

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