Tank cleaning equipment

TJ tank cleaning devices

Part of our highly acclaimed Toftejorg product range, TJ tank cleaning machines are designed for hygienic applications.

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  • Fast cleaning time = More production time.
  • Reduces water and resource usage, leading to reduced cost to clean.
  • Eliminates the need for confined space entry for manual tank cleaning.
  • Proven to boost cleaning efficiency by providing reliable and repeatable cleaning performance.
  • Cleaning process can be validated using Alfa Laval RotaCheck

Tank cleaning devices for large tanks

Typically have a range of 12 to 100+ ft. (3 to 30+ m) in diameter and have capacities of 8,000 to 1.5 million gallons (30,000 to 5.6 million liters) 


TJ40G tank cleaning device

- 3D indexed impact cleaning over a defined period
- Automatic
- Best-in-class in hygienic design and tank cleaning performance

SaniMega SB


Pressure: 3 bar (44 psi)

Constructed of a slide-bearing PEEK design (3-A compliant), this rotary spray head is available in 360° and 270° up and provides liquid impact at a low flow rate and low pressure. 

Tank cleaning devices for mid-sized tanks

Typically have a range of 2.5 to 12 ft. (.75 to 4 m) and have capacities between 275 and 8,000 gallons (1,000 to 30,000 liters). 

TJ Sanijet 20


- Self-cleaning, self-draining design
- Drive mechanism located outside of the tank
- Suitable to clean highly viscous or foaming debris from the interior of tanks and vessels between 130 and 8000 gallons.


- Meets the highest standards of efficiency, reliability and hygiene
- Ideal for processing, storage and transportation tanks between 4,000 and 40,000 gallons
- Available in a retractable version

TJ SaniJet 25

- Suitable for processing, mixing and storage tanks and vessels between 4,000 and 40,000 gallons.
- Ideal for ultra-hygienic industries that follow European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group Guidelines.


SaniMagnumSaniMagnum SB

Pressure*: 2 bar (29 psi)
- Stainless steel or a slide-bearing PEEK design
- Available in 360° and 270° up
- Provides liquid impact at a low flow rate and low pressure
- 3-A compliant version available

Tank cleaning devices for small tanks

Typically have a range of 2.5 ft. or .75 m and have capacities of up to 275 gallons or 1000 liters. 



Pressure*: 2 bar (29 psi)
- Constructed of stainless steel
- Available in 360°, 270° up, and 180° down 
- Provides liquid impact at a low flow rate and low pressure


SaniMidgetSaniMidget SB

Pressure*: 2 bar (29 psi)
- Stainless steel or a slide-bearing PEEK design
- Available in 360°, 270° up, and 180° down
- Provides liquid impact at a low flow rate 

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