Tank cleaning equipment

GJ 18

Superior tank cleaning for the toughest debris and residues

Engineered for tank truck washes and other tough industrial applications, the GJ 18 provides high-impact cleaning for large industrial tanks.

The robust nature of the GJ 18 allows it to withstand demanding applications that require high temperatures and high concentrations of chemicals in the wash fluid.


  • Longer uptime: Existing tank cleaners last 800-1000 hours before maintenance is required. The GJ 18 will run twice as long before needing service.
  • Longer product life: The GJ 18’s patented over-sized “cartridge style” gear train is proven to last at least five times the wear time versus other tank cleaners.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Costs to replace minor kits in the GJ 18 are 70-75% less than for other tank cleaners. Major kit replacements will cost 35-40% less.
  • Simple to install: The pressure and flow of the GJ 18 match those of existing tank cleaners, so minimal adjustments are needed for installation.
  • Easy to maintain: The GJ 18 has fewer individual parts than existing tank cleaners, meaning repairs are typically limited to normal wear parts and no special tools are required for service.

Operating Range:

  • Pressure: 40-300 psi (3-20 bar)
  • Flow Rate: 30-320 gpm (115-1210 lpm)
  • Cleaning Radius: 100 ft.(30 m)
  • Wash Cycle Time: 8-30+ min.
  • Impact: Up to 85 lbs at 25 ft. (39 kg at 7.5 m)

Clearance Dimensions:

  • Pin Drive:
    - Dual: 12.8 in. (325 mm)
  • Clutch Drive:
    - Dual: 7.0 in. (178 mm)

Overall Dimensions:

  • Height: 13.3 in. (338 mm)
  • Body Diameter: 4.2 in. (107 mm)
  • Weight: 26 lb (11.8 kg)
GJ 18 Flow Rate
GJ 18 Cycle
GJ 18 Impact

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