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No guts, no gory. How Alfa Laval’s GJ Directional 4 made a dangerous messy job safer

  • Application: Open Top Trailer at Rendering Plant
  • Selected Product: GJ Directional 4

Every rendering plant is faced with the same messy job of cleaning the offal trailers. The job is not only unpleasant but can be dangerous. Many plant managers must also meet stringent odor and wastewater control regulations. What was needed was an efficient way to thoroughly clean the open-top trailers, with little or no confined space entry and enabled the trucks to quickly get back on the road. A major rendering company contacted Alfa Laval seeking a better way to clean their trailers and reduce risk to their employees.

A directional or 180 degree, GJ Directional 4 machine was proposed to accommodate the open top. An existing water pump was used to provide the 150 psi, 100 gpm water and a boom lance was fashioned using scrap metal and pipe. A trial was conducted and the Alfa Lava Gamajet exceeded expectations. The trailer was cleaned more thoroughly than the manual method with out the health and safety issues. In addition, the reliable and repeatable pattern cleaned the entire trailer interior in less time and with less water and waste then the manual method. The team also began investigating other areas of the operation to see how Gamajets could improve their cleaning process. 

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