Tank cleaning equipment

Manway Adapter

For easy insertion into manways

The Alfa Laval Manway Adapter was designed specifically for the transportation industry to speed up the tanker cleaning process and create a safer environment for employees by eliminating the splashing of hot water and chemicals used in the cleaning process. The cone shape allows for easy placement and complete sealing. 

Product benefits:

  • Perfect seal: Seal any round opening and prevent splashing during cleaning cycles.
  • Quick insertion into tanker manways: Specifically designed for tankers and rail cars 



  • Compatible tank cleaning machines: GJ 4, GJ 8
  •  Materials: 304L Stainless Steel
  • Height: 51 in. (1.3 m)
  • Width: 26 in.
  • Weight: 92 lbs (42 kg)
  • Inlet Connections: 2 in. NPT-Male

How it Works:

Alfa Laval tank cleaning machine gets threaded onto the bottom 2 in. NPT Male Inlet. The adapter is then placed through the top of the manway opening and lowered into the tank. The cone-shapped "stopper" will retain the cleaning spray inside the tank and prevent burns to the personnel (caused by hot water or caustic solutions), prevent short circuits to exposed electrical equipment and prevent the accumulation of ice when used in cold climates.

Manway adapter

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