Precise humidity control with liquid desiccant technology

The atmosphere of a manufacturing or processing environment can significantly affect the consistency and quality of the products made there. Precise humidity control can help prevent discolouration, extend shelf life, and eliminate the risk of bacterial, viral, or mold contamination, while improving the reliability, economy, and efficiency of the operation.

Flexible Kathabar solutions are perfect for a wide range of sensitive applications, including pharmaceutical, confectionery, brewing, hospital facilities, commercial bakeries, cold storage, gelatine, and meat processing.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Kathabar can provide a hygienic, dehumidified airstream that can be precisely controlled for mixing compounds, compressing tablets, coating and pouring, filling and drying soft-gel capsules, and manufacturing hard capsules.

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Alfa Laval Kathabar systems provide sanitized air, while efficiently maintaining precise humidity levels for general and critical-care hospital zones and eliminate wet coils that promote microorganisms growth.

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In gelatin production, the Kathabar system creates hygienic drying for heat sensitive products, improving quality and extending storage life while offering energy advantages by using cooling tower water and dryer exhaust air.

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Cold Storage

Alfa Laval Kathabar systems are ideal for use in warehouses, freezers and loading docks. They eliminate ice and frost build-up on surfaces and products, while also reducing refrigeration tonnage and defrosting coils.

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Meat, sausage, and poultry

Kathabar can help create and maintain a hygienic atmosphere in drying, slicing, cutting, and evisceration rooms; as well as in freezers, holding coolers, and loading docks. Kathabar prevents condensation on surfaces and products through precise humidity control.

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Brewing facilities

Kathabar systems are ideal for use in yeast rooms; fermenting, ageing, finishing, and racking cellars, packaging rooms, and storage areas. Our liquid desiccant system can control condensation to prevent mold and bacteria and ensure sanitary production areas.

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Alfa Laval Kathabar is useful in many stages of confectionery manufacturing, including forming, panning, enrobing, cooling, conveying, and packaging, where precise humidity control increases throughput and improves product quality and consistency.

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Baking and snack food manufacturing

Alfa Laval Kathabar is useful at many different stages of the commercial baking and snack-food manufacturing process, including cooling, drying, enrobing, conveying, packaging, and storing, where the process may benefit from consistent humidity control.

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Alfa Laval Kathabar is suitable for many applications.

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