Kathabar FP

Kathabar FP packed-tower regenerators are used with all Kathabar FV and FH conditioners to regenerate the liquid desiccant for reuse in the conditoner. Kathabar FP regenerators can be paired with one or multiple conditioners. Ideal for use in breweries, as well as in food and other manufacturing facilities. They come in a range of sizes, which can be located remotely from the conditioner or conditioners.


Ideal for all applications

  • Vertical airflow discharge
  • Industrial-grade fiberglass housing, internal parts of engineered plastic
  • Vertical, seal-less, freestanding fiberglass pump and tank assembly
  • Inlet air filtration
  • Optional to add on a desiccant solution interchanger skid for increased energy savings

In the FP Regenerator, the use of high-efficiency contact packing and an external plate and frame heat exchanger enables unlimited design flexibility. The regenerator can be designed around several heating sources including low-pressure steam, hot water, and waste heat. The regenerator size is based on the moisture removal capacity of the system and the available heating utility.

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FP10 Regenerator with pump tank and heat exchanger skid

Alfa Laval Kathabar FP

A. Exhaust plenum with Plexiglas eliminator access door and exhaust air condensate drip collar
B. Industrial grade fiberglass housing
C. Fan assembly with fan drive kit, VFD, premium efficient motor and inlet air filter plenum with Merv 7 filters
D. Pump tank assembly with:
- Vertical, seal-less non-metallic desiccant pump with titanium shaft and VFD control
- Desiccant solution level transmitter

E. NEMA 3R Electric and control panel with PLC, HMI touchscreen, communications card for TCP/IP interface, and fused disconnect
F. Alfa Laval plate and frame desiccant solution heater with titanium plates

To reduce field piping Alfa Laval’s Kathabar regenerators come packaged from our factory for simple installation. The pump tank assembly, electric and control panel, and heater are mounted on a FRP curbed skid complete with CPVC desiccant solution piping between the pump, heater, and spray connection, and wiring from integrated components to the electric panel. This skid ships separate from the regenerator tower for easy transit and installation. It should be connected in the field to the regenerator sump and field wiring to the fan is to be completed.

Real-time performance monitoring and intelligent troubleshooting is obtained by using the following elements:

  • Spray temperature and pressure transmitters
  • Desiccant flow verification meter
  • Guided wave radar digital desiccant level transmitter
  • Conductive high-level switch

Desiccant regeneration accurately achieved with use of the below integral components:

  • Heating utility control valve with electronic actuator
  • Water makeup on/off solenoid valve (for applications where the conditioner could be releasing moisture into the process air stream during certain operating conditions)

Energy economizer / Interchanger package

A unique benefit to liquid desiccant technologies is the ability to capture energy between the weak and strong desiccant solution transfer lines. This package is beneficial when the interchanger design reduces heating and cooling energy consumption by an additional 10%. One interchanger package is used per liquid desiccant system.

The packaged skid includes:

  • One (1) Alfa Laval plate and frame heat exchanger
  • Six (6) bypass hand valves
  • Four (4) liquid desiccant pressure gauges
  • Two (2) interchanger drain valves
  • FRP containment skid for easy maintenance
  • Structural platform with lifting lugs

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Service and spare parts

Partnering with Alfa Laval for the startup, support, service, and replacement parts of your Kathabar Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification system will ensure your dehumidification system is always working at top performance.

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Preventive maintenance
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