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Alfa Laval service experts are here to help you with any challenge you may have with your heat exchanger, separation or fluid handling equipment. Alfa Laval support can assist you with product troubleshooting, provide you with remote support from our advanced technical services professionals or create customized Alfa Laval training for your service personnel.

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Experts that solve issues

Our skilled and experienced service troubleshooters are the direct route to solving any issue related to your equipment. Working on site or remotely, our technicians can provide immediate support and find the cause of unplanned shutdowns to help you get the best possible operation from your equipment. We also identify and prevent hazardous situations, to improve working conditions for your staff.

Contact our troubleshooters when you notice a performance decrease, when unexplainable deviations from operation requirements occur, when you see process disturbances or when energy consumption is unusually high. Contact us for emergency services now.


How it works

Our Alfa Laval support experts:

  • Identify the root-cause of the problem and propose corrective actions to prevent future disturbances
  • Ensure the problem is solved
  • Provide detailed analysis and recommendations related to other areas that may benefit from improvement

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Need immediate service?

Hotline: 866-253-2528

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Secure continued uptime through remote guidance

Alfa Laval service experts respond quickly to your service needs, even in the most challenging times. With Alfa Laval remote guidance, you can receive direct support from our experts who remotely guide your crew to a solution. This helps you minimize or completely avoid downtime, without the need for a physical visit.

Using Alfa Laval remote support also helps reduce your carbon footprint, thus contributing to your sustainability goals. We ensure that your data is secure and safely guarded through the platform.


  • Support by Alfa Laval experts
  • Faster and more accurate troubleshooting
  • Faster return to service in case of problems
  • High yield through process optimization
  • Access your equipment remotely to see operating data

How it works

  • Users interact and collaborate in real time, despite being in different locations
  • Video conferencing is used to help your team diagnose issues and guide service actions

Scope of service

Alfa Laval remote guidance can be used with most Alfa Laval equipment. We can support you with remote guidance on demand or include guidance service in a custom Service Agreement. To find out more about what packages suit your need best, please contact your local office.

Meet with us online

You need to meet with us now for critical Alfa Laval support? No problem! We use a range of online meeting platforms, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, Facetime, What’s App and more, so rest assured we can meet with you any time you need us.

Virtual plant audit

Knowing how tight your production and maintenance schedules can be, we’ll do your audit virtually. We’ll remotely guide you through the exact plant areas we need to see, we can even check your stock room to ensure you have the genuine Alfa Laval spare parts that you need.

Pulse reporting

When you send your equipment to us, we now offer you regular updates and status of your job – almost in real time. The interactive reports include photos, video and other key information to put you at the pulse of  your project.



Interested in moving from preventive to predictive maintenance of your decanter or high-speed centrifuge? ConditionAlert is a condition monitoring system that ensures reliable uptime for your Alfa Laval products. ConditionAlert service constantly monitors and detects early-stage defects in key components and sends you immediate alerts. You’ll receive an early warning of defects and a service recommendation well before any problems arise. Combined with our collective analysis, you have the vital information you need to ensure outstanding performance of your equipment throughout its lifetime.


Alfa Laval training that optimizes performance and reduces operating costs

Our training is designed to raise your team's competence, expand their skill sets and stimulate and motivate them to get optimum performance from your systems and equipment. Alfa Laval systems and equipment can help increase production efficiency, conserve energy and minimize environmental impact. Operated and maintained correctly by competent personnel, they will realize this potential and your bottom line will benefit.

Alfa Laval offers industry-related training courses on its systems and equipment for personnel in, for example, the Brewery, Ethanol, Environmental, Sanitary and Marine & Diesel industries (see examples of our training offerings below). We can also arrange for courses related to other industries.

Tailor-made personnel training

Do you have specific needs in terms of personnel training that are not covered by the information provided here? We can hold courses remotely, at your offices or plant, onboard your ship or at your local Alfa Laval office or regional training center.

Contact us with your needs

Scheduled open courses

In addition to Alfa Laval's tailor-made courses for specific customers, we also offer open courses, which are available to any company wishing to participate. Open courses include:

  • Fuel management courses
  • Marine and power separator training
  • PureBallast engineering training
  • Specialized marine and diesel training
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