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At Alfa Laval, we are passionate about optimizing equipment performance. This is achieved through several Alfa Laval condition monitoring services. Whether virtual, through Alfa Laval connected services or on site with our conditional audit, visual condition assessment or performance audit, we will ensure your equipment is running efficiently to reduce downtime and predict upcoming maintenance.

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Condition insights to optimize performance

Knowing the condition of your equipment allows you to secure production, improve safety and increase equipment lifetime. By performing a condition audit, our specialists can find out the state of the equipment in terms of mechanical condition, cleaning requirements or repair needs.

Consider conducting a condition audit when you change process conditions, when equipment is critical in your process and for older installations.


How it works

Our experts:

  • Collect and analyze your data and make an on site inspection to find out the state of your equipment
  • Discuss possible measures with you to optimize performance in terms of a maintenance plan, strategic spare parts, cleaning services or upgrades
  • Provide a comprehensive report with all findings and recommendations
Condition audit for Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchangers

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The proactive approach to safety and uptime for gasketed plate heat exchangers

A gasketed plate heat exchanger is a stationary piece of equipment without any moving parts, but they still require routine maintenance to optimize performance – just like any other critical process equipment in your production facility. However, heat exchanger maintenance intervals can vary widely, depending on various factors such as media, temperature and pressure. Which is why it is important to assess the performance of your gasketed plate heat exchanger.

Alfa Laval’s Visual Condition Assessment (VCA) will give you a quick overview of the state of your gasketed plate heat exchangers. You will gain insights about the actual condition of your equipment, its detailed mechanical condition, need of repair and remaining gasket lifetime prediction.

With a Visual Condition Assessment, we work closely with you to identify and resolve any issues that require attention. Using a thermal imaging camera enables us to evaluate the thermal performance and make recommendations to maintain your heat exchangers in top operating condition based on our findings and analysis. With our recommendations, you can plan the maintenance at your convenience and Alfa Laval can give safety advice on the spot. And, since VCA is best done with the unit in operation, each unit is typically assessed in less than five minutes, depending on size and accessibility.

We will also provide you with a report, containing:

  • Unit data including any changes and adaptations
  • Pictures and description of problem areas
  • Thermal image of your unit with an interpretation
  • Our summarized findings with short- and long-term recommendations

Performance can predict maintenance requirements

Knowing the actual operating performance of your equipment allows for optimized service intervals, which leads to increased production reliability and minimized costs. Measurements are taken to accurately predict maintenance requirements and optimize service intervals. That way, you’ll know which equipment requires maintenance, before performance is degraded to the point where product quality is affected, or an unplanned shutdown occurs.

How it works

Our experts:

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the installed equipment
  • Check equipment operating parameters
  • Get information about the usual maintenance and operation procedures of the equipment
  • Provide a detailed report with findings and recommendations

Insights and services based on actual data

Alfa Laval Connected Services for separators and heat exchanges provide smart, predictive maintenance systems that monitor the health of equipment. Data from the sensors is analyzed in real time so that operators have a better view of equipment performance. This data is available on a dashboard and the performance of assets is displayed in real time to keep your equipment operating optimally.

Get an optimized service plan for your rotating equipment based on actual data from sensors, monitoring critical components or process parameters. Algorithms developed by our leading experts analyze specific vibration patterns in order to provide relevant reports with key recommendations. It ensures that your equipment is performing as it should and enables you to plan your maintenance.

Service when necessary

Service intervals can be optimized by performing service at the right time, based on the actual condition of the equipment rather than based on a fixed time interval. This often means prolonged service intervals. Condition Monitoring (CM) is particularly recommended when service intervals are difficult to predict, when the costs are high due to lack of trained personnel and when separation is a critical part of the process.

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ConditionAlert is a condition monitoring system that ensures reliable uptime for your Alfa Laval products. ConditionAlert provides a consistent and remote view of your equipment’s performance at all times, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and optimizing service intervals – therefore reducing costs. The system continuously monitors the condition of critical components and sends data to a central server for analysis. If any anomalies are detected, the system alerts Alfa Laval’s service engineers who assess the situation and contact you for planning of service, well before any problems arise.

Smart Heat Exchanger

Alfa Laval’s online connected service for proactive monitoring of gasketed plate heat exchangers. By simply attaching sensors on the equipment, and our dedicated analytics, we enable our customers to oversee current and future status through an online panel.‚Äč

How it works

Our experts:

  • Collect vibration data – on site or online
  • Analyze the collected data, either locally or centrally for a more detailed analysis
  • Determine what type of service is required and when to perform it based on actual data
  • Provide an optimized service plan for rotating equipment


  • Maximum operating reliability
  • Possibility to optimize service intervals and thereby reduce service costs

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