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Is it time to replace your wastewater sludge decanter centrifuge?

How the Greensboro TZO wastewater treatment plant opted out of the traditional design/build approach when looking to modernize their plant.

DATE 2022-03-04

What if you could do a replacement-in-kind while increasing performance and saving a lot of money and time? It’s possible! 


Alfa Laval’s consultative turnkey partnership approach often allows you to achieve:

  • Faster commissioning and start-up
  • Reduced engineering costs
  • Lower project costs
  • Higher throughput capacity in a similar footprint without expensive structural renovations

This article discusses how we saved one municipality significant expense and reduced the start-up timeline by more than a year…keep reading…

Why Alfa Laval?

Eventually, any decanter centrifuge wears out over time. The factors involved in the decision to replace the equipment should be considered long before the equipment suffers a catastrophic failure which could undermine operations and revenue.

wastewater decanter centrifuge


If your equipment is reaching, or has exceeded its anticipated life span, consider a replacement-in-kind option that meets or exceeds the required process design specification of the centrifuge you are replacing. The replacement-in-kind machine is smaller or identical to the original structure in footprint area, width, length, dynamic and static loadings.

Maximize your up-time with us—leverage our expertise

Our approach is consultative – we’re here to help you and identify where your equipment is in its lifecycle—and ready to provide a replacement recommendation, based on your budget and application needs. We can re-engineer, reverse engineer and optimize all decanter centrifuges for any centrifuge brand.

Don’t just take our word for it

Learn how the Greensboro TZO wastewater treatment plant opted out of the traditional design/build approach when looking to modernize their plant with a more efficient Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge.

They turned to Alfa Laval and our business partners to:

  • Double their flow utilizing half the power with an Alfa Laval ALDEC G3-125 centrifuge
  • Realize a reduction in engineering design time and costs since it was a direct replacement of existing equipment with limited modifications
  • Reduce the scheduled completion time in half
  • Realize other significant cost savings, enabling Greensboro TZO to replace two decanters vs. the previously budgeted single decanter.


Read the full case story here.


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