Webinar: Improving hydrotreater performance with welded plate heat exchangers

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Time stamp Min:Seconds Topic
00:00 - 04:20 Introduction
04:20 - 13:28 Basics of Hydrotreating & challenges
13:28- 26:24 Hydrotreater Combined Feed/Effluent Heat Exchanger (CFE) Design basics & challenges
26:24 - 31:25 Solution: Compabloc as Combined Feed/Effluent heat exchnager
31:25 - 36:30 Case Story 1: US Gulf Coast Ref - Reducing Total Project Capex of Naphtha Hydrotreater
36:30 - 32:20 Case Story 2: Canadian Ref - Debottlecking Cracked Naphtha Hydrotreater to increase capacity
32:20 - 41:45 Case Story 3: Major European Refinery - Debottleneck Naphtha Hydrotreater & heat integration 
41:45 - 45:00  Compabloc CFE Hazop service & key take away from case stories
45:00 - 60:13 Q&A






Improving hydrotreater performance with welded plate heat exchangers

Hydrotreating is a process that all refineries utilize to remove sulfur and other impurities in hydrocarbon streams so that it can be further processed or sold as a product. The hydrotreating process is highly energy intensive, so it is typical that the process design includes a heat exchanger to preheat the cold feed with the hot reactor effluent. As this process operates at severe conditions, the cost/benefit analysis of heat recovery quickly reaches a limit with the use of traditional heat exchanger technology. Today’s hydrotreaters are now facing challenges due to this technology barrier in terms of capacity limitations, reliability risk, and sustainability focus.

During this on demand webinar, you'll learn more about Alfa Laval’s welded plate technology in hydrotreating applications.

What you’ll learn:

• Common issues that refineries are faced in hydrotreating services.
• Challenges of designing a heat exchanger for feed/effluent applications.
• Case studies of welded plate technology being applied to tackle these challenges.


About the speakers


Chris Wajciechowski 

Chris Wajciechowski is Business Development Manager for Alfa Laval, applying high-efficiency and problem-solving heat exchangers in the Refining industry for over 20 years. His focus is on improving process performance and increasing reliability, thereby improving the profitability of refineries worldwide. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the USA.

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Mike Buettner

Mike Buettner is a Refinery Welded Plate Technologist and works with US refineries to implement heat exchanger technology. Mike has worked in the refinery industry for over 25 years, both in the United States and Asia, in various roles within EPC’s, refineries, and technology solution providers. Mike has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

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