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Energy efficiency is in our DNA. It is something we have been developing for almost a decade. In fact, Alfa Laval's heat transfer solutions save 100 GW of energy every year. That is enough power to heat 20 million homes.

We have found that there is always room for improvement by changing the cleaning and maintenance program or update the configurations. Watch the video to find out more on how Alfa Laval can help.

Now, we are accelerating our hunt for waste energy to improve existing industries and help you to save energy today.

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Do you have a process cooling application where a hot process media is cooled using a cooling system?

Our simplified tools can help you estimate how much energy you can save when using our efficient plate heat exchanger technology, either by ensuring they are serviced optimally or by recovering your heat. In addition to the energy saving you will also get a monetary value estimate, as well as a calculation of the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption.

Optimized service could save from 8000 kWh per year, and the payback time on an investment in heat recovery is usually very low, ranging from a couple of months to a few years.

The Value of Heat Recovery

Do you cool your hot process media using a cooling system? Our simplified tool can estimate how much you could save in waste heat recovery with one of our heat exchangers. It can even tell you how much you could save in carbon emissions, water consumption, and overall costs. Click here to start saving.


The Value of Service

Did you know that servicing your heat exchangers at the recommended intervals will optimize energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve productivity, and reduce your total cost of ownership? Click here to find out how much you could save using our unique calculation tool.

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See some of our recent energy efficiency projects


Industrial waste heat recovery

Recovering industrial waste heat is one of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency on a global scale. By recovering energy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere or water and reusing it for other purposes, we can greatly reduce fuel consumption compared with today’s levels. As a result, we can also drastically reduce global carbon emissions.

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Energy balance

Papermaking requires huge amounts of energy to maintain the heating and cooling processes the industry requires. Finland-based UPM-Kymmene, Europe’s biggest forest industry group and one of the world’s largest paper manufacturers, has fine-tuned the balance between heating and cooling processes, resulting in surplus energy.

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Steam recovery

Sappi Maastricht paper mill, the Netherlands, needed to replace their shell and tube heat exchanger which was frequently leaking. In addition it was difficult to access and expensive to maintain. AlfaCond solved the problems.

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Sulphuric acid heat recovery

Economic and sustainability gains with sulphuric acid heat recovery. Following a total reconstruction of the cooling system at the Kemira sulphuric acid plant, the temperature of the cooling water has been raised to a level at which it can be used for district heating.

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Waste heat recovery

With the right heat exchanger technology, you can recover high temperature heat generated by industrial processes, as well as lower temperature heat captured by heat pumps in, for example, data center cooling or water treatment applications. This heat can then be used for applications ranging from district heating to producing electricity.

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Service to optimize energy efficiency

Optimize the heat transfer efficiency of your plate heat exchangers by servicing them correctly. Efficient plate heat exchangers and the right service can save 100 GW and 50 million tonnes of CO2.

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Energy efficiency movement

The Energy Efficiency Movement

What is more sustainable than energy that hasn’t been produced in the first place? That’s why energy efficiency is our ‘first fuel’ for decarbonizing the future. We just need to make it happen.  That’s why Alfa Laval has joined the Energy Efficiency Movement.

Join us as part of the open-door initiative to accelerate the implementation of energy efficient solutions. Together we can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future. Discover what the Energy Efficiency Movement is all about. 

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