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Industrial refrigeration

Alfa Laval is a leading innovator in the field of compact plate heat exchangers for refrigeration and heat pump systems. Whether your application is cold storage, a food and beverage process, an ice rink or anything in between, our refrigeration experts can provide you with a customized solution to meet your unique business requirements.

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Semi-welded units can handle temperatures as low as -49°F and pressures up to 900 psig. Brazed and fusion bonded units can handle temperatures down to -320 °F and pressures as high as 2306 psig for use as:

✓ Flooded Evaporators                       ✓ DX - Evaporators

✓ Cascade Systems                           ✓ Heat pumps

✓ Liquid-cooled condensers             ✓ Desuperheater / gas coolers

✓ Economizers / subcoolers            ✓ Oil coolers

Visit our booth at IIAR 2022

Join us for the IIAR 2022 Conference! The 2022 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo will take place March 6 - 9, 2022 at the Savannah Convention Center in Savannah, GA. The advanced, new features of our heat exchangers are designed meet your needs today and tomorrow, Let's chat. Visit us on booth 317. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Advanced solutions for industrial refrigeration

Semi-welded plate heat exchangers

Our compact semi-welded heat exchangers enable even greater efficiency and reliability in industrial refrigeration applications, while preventing the risk of cross-contamination with their proven RefTight sealing system.

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Built with our unique fusion-bonding method, AlfaNova offers the market’s only 100% stainless steel plate heat exchanger. It is a compact, efficient solution for cooling very clean, sensitive, liquids, which takes advantage of ammonia’s low-GWP potential.

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Alfa Laval brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers

Our copper-brazed plate heat exchangers are a compact, efficient, and maintenance-free solution for heating, cooling, evaporating, and condensing in a wide range of refrigeration applications. Each unit is designed with a range of unique features that ensure superior thermal performance and reliability.

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Key benefits of Alfa Laval semi-welded heat exchangers

High Heat Transfer

  • Always turbulent flow
  • Good flow distribution
  • High COP factor achievable


  • Low refrigerant filling
  • Low environmental impact
  • Low weight and space

High Resistance

  • Pressure and temperature fatigue resistance
  • Freezing causes no damage
  • Corrosion - resistant plate material

Flexible Design

  • Add / remove cassettes
  • Openable for cleaning

Turn to efficiency

When used as flooded ammonia evaporators, Alfa Laval semi-welded plate heat exchangers can offer a temperature approach as low as 2 degrees Fahrenheit and are extremely thermally efficient with compact dimensions.  To go along with our top of the line heat exchanger line, we have developed our patented U-Turn separator with an integrated drop leg, oil pot, and nozzle connections to provide a modular compact solution to be used in for flooded ammonia applications for industrial refrigeration.


The U-Turn has smaller overall dimensions than a traditional separator while offering efficient separation through the use of four different separation methods with a low ammonia charge.  This modular vessel is designed to attach directly to the carrying bar of the heat exchanger with no external support required and is available in a variety of configurations for a range of our heat exchanger models.

RefTightTM sealing system

High performance gasket sealing, for high-pressure duties. The RefTight™ sealing system enables enhanced, long-term performance in applications with high pressures and temperatures. The weld is positioned outside the separate ring-gasket groove, which ensures reliable sealing, extends the lifetime of the gasket, and prolongs service intervals.

Integrated subcooling

Most refrigeration systems consume vast amounts of electricity; energy efficient design can result in substantial economic savings. Integrating subcooling into the condenser of the plate heat exchanger makes it possible to improve the energy efficiency of compact heat exchangers, without the need for extra pipe work or additional components.

Discover why Semi-welded plate heat exchangers are a good fit for high pressure refrigeration systems

Concerns over climate change have driven the refrigeration industry to place more focus on natural refrigerants. CO2 is a natural refrigerant growing in popularity in our refrigeration systems, but it comes with the challenge of designing components rated for higher pressures. Join us to learn more about Alfa Laval’s Industrial Refrigeration heat exchangers for high pressure applications.

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Semi-welded GPHE: Benefits for industrial refrigeration

Alfa Laval semi-welded plate heat exchangers combine the flexibility and serviceability of normal gasketed plate heat exchangers with higher pressure resistance, making them ideal for industrial refrigeration applications. They are highly resistant to the formation of ice, as well as to fatigue stress caused by extreme pressure and temperature variations, and are suitable for use with most types of primary refrigerants and secondary fluids, including ammonia and carbon dioxide.


Committed to industry collaboration



IIAR is a technical member organization with industry representation from all facets of the natural refrigeration community, including manufacturers, engineers, contractors, end-users, academics, scientists, trainers, and more. IIAR is a leading advocate for the safe, reliable and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants.

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The Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association (RETA) is an international society of individuals and companies involved in the design, operation and service of industrial refrigeration systems, providing education and training, as well as networking benefits, to both experienced and novel operators.

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White paper: Navigating a changing refrigerants market

A massive change is currently underway in the refrigerants market. Driven by environmental concerns, legislation is pushing a gradual phase out of traditional refrigerants in favour of new alternatives with lower global warming potential (GWP). Download this white paper for a fundamental primer on selecting and accommodating alternative refrigerants for diverse heating and cooling applications.

White paper: Navigating a changing refrigerants market

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