Alfa Laval Kathabar – Consistently perfect

Alfa Laval Kathabar FP

Fiberglass packed regenerator overview


  • Vertical airflow discharge
  • Optional interchanger for energy savings
  • Housing of industrial grade fiberglass construction with internal parts of nonmetallic engineered plastics
  • Free standing pump and pump tank assembly with vertical sealless fiberglass Kathene pump
  • Inlet air filtration


  • FRP body/housing
  • FRP pump tank
  • Kathene spray pump
  • Heat exchanger
  • Spray pressure valve
  • Exhaust plenum
  • Desiccant piping
  • Regenerator fan

Optional packaged regenerator configuration is available in all sizes

FP features include:

  • Horizontal end-suction Kathene pump with sealless magnetically coupled motor
  • Unit base platform of FRP clad construction with pump and heat exchanger factory mounted
  • Factory installed Kathene piping from unit-topump- to-heat exchanger-to-spray in fiberglass