Pyrolysis is a sustainable thermal process that converts biomass and waste into value-added products. Alfa Laval's cutting-edge pyrolysis solutions transform plastic and tire waste while significantly reducing energy consumption and costs. Our state-of-the-art centrifugal separators, high-performance decanters and advanced welded heat exchangers work in harmony to efficiently filter impurities, optimally preheat feedstock and effectively condense and cool reclaimed oils. Harness the power of Alfa Laval's superior technology to revolutionize your tire and plastic recycling process while promoting a circular economy and boosting profits.

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Pyrolysis challenges


Challenging fluids

Varied batches; viscous, long-chain hydrocarbon-filled feeds.


Corrosion & fouling

High-priced, specialized equipment needed for harsh conditions.



Energy-intensive process, high heat load and costly by-product disposal.



Costly energy and installation affect ROI and margins.



Tight timelines, limited space and flexible needs hinder quick launches.


Water management

Products require cooling, cleaning and separation, that all lead to water pollution.

Pyrolysis solutions

  • Reliable solutions regulate feeds for high quality yields
  • Expertise and know-how maximize uptime and save you money
  • Efficient energy recovery solutions lower emissions and costs
  • Optimized technology, less maintenance and better results
  • Compact modular solutions maximize space and scale operations
  • Increased product recovery, pollution management and water reuse

The pyrolysis process

The pyrolysis process involves thermally decomposing feeds in an oxygen-free environment. During pyrolysis, molecules break down, forming new molecules. The new molecules become pyrolytic oil. Pyrolytic oil results from heating waste plastic and tires at high temperatures. Alfa Laval Spiral and Compabloc heat exchangers heat and cool the oil. Our mechanical centrifugal separators and decanters filter solids and water from the oil. The recovered oil is then used to make more plastics, tires and biofuels.


Key components


Spiral heat exchangers

Superior heat transfer for heavily-fouling, viscous liquid-to-liquid and two-phase fluids.

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Compabloc heat exchangers

Compact, energy-saving heat recovery, condensing and reboiling, for fuel and chemical production.

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Centrifugal separators

Reliable, high-speed separation removes fine-solids and maximizes product recovery.

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Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

Robust, compact solutions ensure absolute minimal liquid discharge for an array of applications. 

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