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Crude oil processing

Crude oil distillation can account for up to 50% of the total energy consumption of a refinery. Which is why reliably recovering the maximum amount of energy is critical to overall profitability. To maximize energy efficiency while safeguarding trouble-free operation, count on Alfa Laval heat exchangers for high heat transfer efficiency and long-term operational reliability.

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Looking to reduce your refinery’s carbon intensity? Do you also need to increase profitability at the same time? Watch our webinar to learn how to make this happen by using welded plate heat exchanger technology.

Refineries how to reduce carbon intensity while increasing profitability using welded heat exchangers Webinar on Demand

Webinar on demand

Looking to improve your hydrotreater performance? Watch our recently recorded webinar where our refinery experts discuss why today’s hydrotreaters are facing challenges and how to solve them using welded plate heat exchanger technology.

Improving hydrotreater performance with welded heat exchangers