Introducing Alfa Laval ConditionAlert™

Proactive condition monitoring service for maximum separator uptime

Proactive condition monitoring for maximum separator uptime

At Alfa Laval, our top priority is ensuring that you get outstanding and reliable performance from your equipment throughout its long lifetime. As part of our Alfa Laval Service Agreements, we have long included condition monitoring services which provide highly valuable insights to help customers optimize maintenance and increase uptime. Now we’re taking condition monitoring forward. With ConditionAlert™, you always have an eagle eye’s view of your separator’s performance. Part of a new suite of connectivity solutions from Alfa Laval, ConditionAlert™ proactively monitors separator condition, and you get immediate alerts if any actions are needed. The system continuously monitors the condition of the separator, using an analysis model based on Alfa Laval’s extensive experience with separation technology. You therefore have vital information at your fingertips to optimize maintenance planning of your separator and truly get the most from your equipment – each and every day.


Why do I need ConditionAlert™?

ConditionAlert™ offers highly valuable insights into the condition of your Alfa Laval separator. The machine condition is analyzed and visualized by Alfa Laval, the original manufacturer.

•  Alfa Laval possesses a unique source of data to give customers the best possible maintenance advice for an installed separator.

• The insights and advice that ConditionAlert™ offers are improving the availability of the separator by identifying the right time for maintenance.

• ConditionAlert™ reduces the risk of unplanned stops and its ability to precise diagnosis is continuously being developed by Alfa Laval. Condition monitoring is a service that Alfa Laval offers since 30 years.





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How do I use ConditionAlert?

Plan your maintenance more efficiently using the insights you gain from ConditionAlert, in collaboration with the expert guidance from your local Alfa Laval service team:

  • ConditionAlert sends an early warning if a rotating component in the separator is not functioning properly. Instead of having to address an unplanned stop, you therefore get early notice to better plan ahead for service and check that all necessary parts are available.
  • If you need to extend the operation of the separator beyond your next planned service, ConditionAlert can help by continuously monitoring the condition of the machine.

How does ConditionAlert work?

ConditionAlert proactively monitors separator equipment using sensors that continuously measure the levels of vibrations.

  • ConditionAlert is based on vibration measurements and frequency analyses. These identify the source of any abnormal vibration level to suggest remedies.
  • A early warning message is then sent to you and your Alfa Laval service team via email or text message.
  • Alfa Laval’s unique analysis model compares collected vibration data with other Alfa Laval separators installed around the world, to provide the best possible reference values for the analyses.
  • You can monitor the trends and status of the installed separators’ condition at any moment, in real-time, on a web interface.
  • ConditionAlert™ can also monitor temperature and other signals to give you additional insights into the condition of your separator.







What needs to be installed?

Each Alfa Laval separator will be equipped with additional sensors and a small data acquiring unit next to the machine. This unit is connected to a control panel where data is analyzed.

• The control panel has an HMI for visualization of status and trends on site and up to ten separators can be connected to it. The control panel sends data to the Alfa Laval IoT portal.
• By logging in to the portal, customers can easily access data trends, offering the best possible overview of the condition of all separators at all production sites.

The formula for maximum uptime: an Alfa Laval Service Agreement with ConditionAlert

The best way to take advantage of all of the possibilities of ConditionAlert is to sign up for a comprehensive Alfa Laval Service Agreement that’s fully tailored to the specific needs of your equipment and your operation. A Service Agreement ensures you have all the services and parts support you need to get the best possible long-term performance from your separator, including training and maintenance planning. And as always, everything is based on a close, ongoing cooperation between your team and your local Alfa Laval service experts.

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ConditionAlert™ for separators:
how it works

Sensors on the separator measure vibrations and send the data for analysis. You then receive the results of the analysis in the form of condition status updates and trends, as well as alerts if something requires attention.

A unique analysis model for valuable insight

The true value of ConditionAlert comes from the ability to identify when there is a need for service or when a part needs replacing. This enables you to both avoid unplanned stops and extend the interval between service periods, which translates to maximum uptime and minimum maintenance costs.

All of this is made possible by unique analysis models based on machine-specific data as well as historically measured data from the same types of machines installed around the world. The analysis models act as the brain of ConditionAlert. ConditionAlert thus allows you to take full advantage of Alfa Laval’s decades of experience and unique expertise in separation technologies.

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