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IoT Connected Services

Imagine the possibilities if you could have an eagle eye’s view of your equipment

At Alfa Laval, our top priority is ensuring that customers get outstanding and reliable performance from their equipment throughout its long lifetime. That’s why we’re investing heavily in R&D for IoT (internet of things) services to interconnect your production and control systems. You'll have vital information at your fingertips to truly get the most from your equipment – each and every day.

Currently offered for decanter centrifuges and high speed separators, this suite of connectivity solutions provides highly valuable insights to help increase efficiency and reliability, boost uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

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What services are offered today?

Our Connected Services solutions are grouped into three main areas:


Remote visualization of key equipment parameters provides peace of mind about your operation no matter where you are, instead of uncertainty that can occur when you can't be next to the equipment.

Services offered: Remote monitoring, Remote support and Cost calculator

Predictive Maintenance

Receive an early warning of equipment defects along with a service recommendation well before problems arise so you can take action before a small issue turns into a major problem.

Service offered: ConditionAlertTM condition monitoring system

Process Optimization

Currently offered for the wastewater treatment industry, these services allow customers to move from mechanical set points to process set points.

Services offered: Constant Solids Load and Adaptive Polymer Control

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A well-run predictive maintenance plan will help you correct small service issues well before they turn into major problems. This can save you time, money, and the stress of an unplanned shutdown. Learn how to make the change in this on demand webinar.

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