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Alfa Laval genuine spare parts ensure your equipment delivers the performance you bought it for. They keep equipment running at its peak, throughout its lifetime.

Confidence that it will always work

Senior Marine Engineer Stuart Bott has served on naval vessels, commercial tankers and cruise ships. Read his views on the importance of using Alfa Laval genuine spare parts.

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Alfa Laval genuine spare parts –
a customer’s thoughts

Learn from Stuart Bott’s long experience at sea. In this film, he discusses the challenge of keeping a vessel self-reliant and the ways Alfa Laval genuine spare parts contribute.

Alfa Laval Aalborg Service Kits

Convenient kits combine the right parts at an advantageous price. See examples for Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers.

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Ten top reasons for genuine parts

See why choosing Alfa Laval genuine spare parts makes such a big difference in performance and peace of mind.