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Virtual service offering - that's here for you

Making sure your essential equipment or processes are running at peak performance is now more important than ever. And knowing that it may not be safe or possible to meet in person, Alfa Laval has developed a number of tools to remotely solve your service or maintenance issues – helping to improve up-time and yield throughout this crisis and beyond.

Meet with us online

You need to meet with us now? No problem! We use a range of online meeting platforms, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect and more, so rest assured we can meet with you any time you need us.

Meet with us digitally, online

Virtual plant audit

Knowing your production and maintenance schedules are tighter during this crisis, you probably don’t have time for a traditional plant audit. No problem, we’ll do your audit virtually. We’ll remotely guide you through the exact plant areas we need to see, we can even check your stock room to ensure you have the Genuine Alfa Laval spare parts that you need.

Online virtual plant audit

Moving from static to Sway reporting

Alfa Laval is moving to Microsoft Sway for our service center reporting. When you send your equipment to us, we now offer you regular updates and status of your job - almost in real time. The interactive reports include photos, video, and other key information about your project.

Plate heat exchanger Sway report

Connected services:

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Decanter centrifuge ConditionAlert

Interested in moving from preventive to predictive maintenance of your decanter? ConditionAlert reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, and optimizes service intervals – reducing costs. ConditionAlert constantly monitors and detects early-stage defects in the key decanter components. You’ll receive an early warning of defects and a service recommendation well before any problems arise.

Decanter condition monitoring

High-speed centrifuge ConditionAlert

Alfa Laval is taking high-speed separation monitoring to the next level. ConditionAlert provides a consistent and remote view of your separator’s performance at all times. The service proactively monitors separator condition and sends immediate alerts if action is needed. Combined with our collective analysis, you have the vital information you need to ensure outstanding performance of your separator throughout its lifetime.

Centrifuge condition alert example

Remote troubleshooting

Maybe you’re close to solving a service issue, but could really use another set of eyes? Or, you have a technical issue that’s easier to describe by showing versus talking about it? We now offer you remote troubleshooting, where through an online connection, we can view your equipment remotely, and work with you to resolve the issue.

Remote trouble shooting from any computer or device

Remote field service assistance

Alfa Laval can now provide virtual field service. Prior to each job, our technicians will conduct an online walk-through of the project, to make sure you have the correct tools ordered, or have the correct spares in stock to be ready for the work. During the half or full-day remote assistance session, the technician will work with your maintenance crews to lead them through the job, step-by-step.

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