Gravity belt thickener and belt filter press  rebuilds and upgrades

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Restore and improve gravity belt thickener or belt filter press performance for sludge dewatering and thickening

If your belt filter press or gravity belt thickener is showing signs of reduced performance due to wear and tear or changing process conditions, it may be time to consider a rebuild. Refurbishing or upgrading your equipment can restore, or even improve, sludge thickening or dewatering performance – improvements of 2-3% solids increase are typical. With decades of expertise in the industry, Alfa Laval can restore equipment to factory OEM specifications – no matter the brand. All rebuilds are backed by a warranty. 

The rebuilds process can also be up to 30% less expensive than purchasing new equipment. By avoiding expensive engineering or structural expenditures associated with new equipment, you can significantly save time and money while ensuring that you continue to get the process results you need.

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Typical scope of a complete belt filter press rebuild


  • Bearing housings
  • Belts
  • Drive system
  • Electrical components (switches, sensors, etc.)
  • Frame (as needed) and hard stainless lines
  • Hydraulic system (tensioning and steering)
  • Rollers
  • Scraper blade assemblies
  • Wet-end wearable components (grid strips, chicanes/plows, etc.)
  • Start-up and optimization

Upgrades that reduce maintenance or simplify operations

Upgrade Benefit
Frame mounted hydraulics

Reduce oil reservoir 90% and simplify filter replacement

Direct drive

Reduce maintenance required for traditional “bull and pinion” system

All stainless-steel Fortress Bearing Housings™ Protect against corrosion (available on certain models)
Wash box upgrades Simplify cleaning and maintenance needs


Performance boosting modifications

Modification Benefit
Extend the gravity deck Increase capacity
Add pressure rollers Increase cake dryness
Install a modern control panel Enhance data and control
Upgrade wet end with the patent pending Dri-Boost Plow™ package 
(available on certain models)
Increase capacity and/or dryness


. . . . .

Need help determining if a rebuild is right for you? Talk to a rebuilds expert today and schedule your free equipment assessment!

What's included? An Alfa Laval expert will visit your site for a full inspection of your equipment. You’ll receive a full report (budgetary proposal) of recommended repairs / replacements that includes options to fit your budget and deliver the performance you will most benefit from.

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Rebuild project timeline

The extent of your belt filter press or gravity belt thickener rebuild or upgrade will depend on the goals you are trying to achieve as well as the original condition of your equipment.  

one.pngSchedule your free equipment assessment

two.pngMeet an Alfa Laval expert at your site for a full inspection of your belt filter press

three.png You’ll receive a full report (budgetary proposal) of recommended repairs / replacements

four.pngConfirm your project scope and your Alfa Laval Sales Manager will send you a quote and/or detailed specification for the required work

five.png Accept the quote and schedule your rebuild

six.pngHigh quality OEM parts are ordered and delivered to your site (for field rebuilds)

seven.pngAlfa Laval technicians rebuild your belt filter press to original OEM specifications and tolerances (typical takes two weeks)

eight.pngAlfa Laval experts walk through your belt filter press with you at your site, a list of recommend spare parts is provided, and your belt filter press is started-up into service

nine.pngStart saving money and improving performance for your dewatering or thickening process

ten.png Protect your investment with a long-term Alfa Laval service agreement

Each rebuild is different and Alfa Laval will work closely with you to accommodate the services you need to ensure that the upgrade / rebuild Alfa Laval performs meets your requirements.


Download the service brochure

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