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Don’t make the non-OEM mistake

Why risk downtime when Alfa Laval genuine spare parts deliver function and uptime that prolong equipment life and lower your ownership cost? By purchasing Alfa Laval parts online or through customer service and then installing those genuine parts, you won’t risk losing your valuable end product, or downtime, if a non-OEM part failure occurs.

Studies show that 88% of all processors have experienced equipment failure with non-OEM parts. Don’t risk uptime and productivity with bad spares. Non-OEMs don’t match and can be dangerous to process and consumer safety.


Visit the Product Catalog to order Alfa Laval genuine spare parts or Alfa Laval service kits or call 1-866-253-2528 to place an order.

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Ensure you have Alfa Laval genuine parts

More and more non-OEM parts have deceptive packaging, which leads to the uncertainty of knowing whether your process it truly safe from product contamination or product loss with non-OEM parts.

The only way to ensure your stocked or installed Alfa Laval original equipment is safe and reliable, is when genuine Alfa Laval parts are in place.

Tips to ensure your parts are genuine:

  • Look for the Alfa Laval logo on every bag, box and part
  • Ensure the Alfa Laval name and trademark, with the words "Genuine Parts" are printed on pump seal parts
  • Review the packing list to ensure that part is an Alfa Laval genuine part
  • Inspect the part number printed on each bag or box

Remember, look for the logo. Buy genuine parts.

Alfa Laval genuine spare parts

Traceability and certification

Parts are continuously improved to meet the highest standards and comply with various certification requirements and regulations, such as REACH. When required, we can provide certification of full traceability for critical Alfa Laval spare parts to the food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, offshore and nuclear power industries.

Available everywhere

With our global Alfa Laval service network, you have easy access to our extensive genuine Alfa Laval spare parts inventory through eight major Alfa Laval distribution centers. Alfa Laval Channel Partners also provide fast access to local spare parts stock, especially for pump and valve spares.

Alfa Laval maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts that supports our current product range as well as some legacy parts, which are up to 100 years old. Our parts inventory system contains specific information, such as technical details and availability, for more than 450,000 parts, and we have more than 50,000 unique items in stock.

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Other spare parts services:

  • Exchanges: Reconditioned critical components and Alfa Laval spare parts, all refurbished according to our standards.
  • Exclusive stock: Maximize uptime by keeping critical spare parts reserved under your company’s name in one of our global distribution centers, for faster delivery in times of need.
  • Service kits: Specially designed to be easy to use, Alfa Laval service kits include all up-to-date genuine spare parts required for a specific service, reducing maintenance time.

Learn more about spare parts services:

Parts Catalog   Exchanges   Exclusive stock and critical spare parts   Service kits and tools


Frequently asked questions

Where are Alfa Laval distribution centers located?

Alfa Laval has eight distribution centers: two in Sweden and in Denmark, the United States, India, Singapore, China, Netherlands, Norway and Japan. We also keep minor stock inventories at some of our sales companies, such as in South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

What parts do you keep on stock?

To meet customer needs, we continuously review what Alfa Laval spare parts to stock based on the Alfa Laval product range and the installed base. This means we have high consumption parts, critical parts, new parts and some very old parts (dating back to the early 1900s) in stock.

I am interested in an exclusive stock agreement. How does it work?

Contact your Alfa Laval representative to review your needs and reserve the parts that are critical to your business. The reserved Alfa Laval genuine parts will then be stored for your sole use at one of the Alfa Laval distribution centers for a regular service fee, or at your location of choice. Service fees vary, depending on the part and storage location. Payment in full is due when you decide you need the part. Just let us know and we’ll arrange for same-day shipping to the destination you specify. We can also create a Service Agreement that includes your service and exclusive stock needs.

How should I store rubber parts, such as gaskets and o-rings?

Generally speaking, storage of rubber parts should be avoided because rubber parts age while in storage. However, when it is necessary to store rubber parts, there are ways to slow the aging process:

  • Maintain the temperature in the storage room between > -10°C and < 20°C
  • Store in a dark room and avoid ultraviolet light
  • Do not keep ozone-producing equipment near or in the storage room
  • Do not store organic solvents, acids, odor-producing products, etc., in the storage room
  • Do not store rubber parts near radiators
  • Cover or keep the rubber parts in bags or boxes to reduce air circulation since exposure to air facilitates the aging process
  • Store the rubber parts flat, tangle free and free from tension
  • Store similar rubber parts of different material separately

Get quotes for Alfa Laval parts online

Visit the Product Catalog to shop for Alfa Laval spare parts or request a quote. To request a quote, locate the Alfa Laval product best suited to your application in our online shop, add it to your cart and find a nearby Alfa Laval partner to contact you with more information.


Not sure which parts you need?

Find product information and identify your spare parts by entering equipment serial numbers in our Product Catalog.

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Refurbished exchanges cut down on costs

Exchanging your Alfa Laval parts cuts the delivery time and costs for many components, which makes it more cost-efficient than buying new ones. For selected equipment, we offer an exchange program for critical components and genuine spare parts, all refurbished according to Alfa Laval standards, to guarantee the high quality you expect. It is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional repair, and helps you increase speed turnaround.

Available exchange parts upon request:

  • Rotating assemblies
  • Separator bowls
  • Spindle cartridges
  • Gear boxes
  • Decanter conveyors
  • ECB brakes
  • DSC controllers
  • Sliding bowl bottoms
  • Compression tools
  • PHE plate packs

How it works

Alfa Laval service experts:

  • Retrieve your component and refurbish to Alfa Laval standard
  • Provide you with a replacement part during the refurbishment
  • Keep a stock of selected refurbished parts in certain countries


Get more information on exchanges for:


Ensure availability of critical Alfa Laval spare parts

Exclusive stock is a strategic service that ensures your critical spare part is always at the right place, at the right time. By letting us keep critical spare parts reserved under your company's name in one of our global distribution centers, you will secure availability while reducing inventory, labor and administration costs.

Use exclusive stock when you need to secure the availability of unique and critical spare parts, need a certain part to meet safety and environmental regulations or have strategic reasons to optimize stock management.

How it works

Alfa Laval service experts:

  • Determine your needs and provide a recommendation to optimize your parts inventory
  • Manufacture, store and manage genuine spare parts made to your specifications for a monthly fee
  • Reserve critical spare parts for your exclusive use
  • When needed, same day shipping can be arranged to your location

Same-day shipment

To keep your own stock means high storage costs. With exclusive stock, you get access to high-quality genuine spare parts, ready for shipment the day you need them.


I am interested in an exclusive stock Service Agreement. How does it work?

Contact your Alfa Laval representative to review your needs and reserve the parts that are critical to your business.


Kits designed to simplify maintenance

Alfa Laval service kits for planned maintenance have been developed based on years of experience, to help you conduct planned service in as little time as possible. They include what is required for every specific service and the most up-to-date genuine spare parts, to extend your equipment's lifetime and ensure it is running on the latest technology.

Service kits are available for a large range of equipment, including pumps, valves, belt filter presses, screw presses, decanters and separators. All parts are specifically designed to match your equipment and operating conditions – the perfect fit and compatibility for your equipment.

fishing spare parts

Service kits are sent in one shipment. You can be assured of the right parts in the right packaging with the right fit and the right instructions.


Alfa Laval service kits are available for:

  • Commissioning
  • Upgrades
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Intermediate/Inspection service
  • Major/Overhaul service
  • Ancillary and upgrade kits
  • Parts which can be retrofitted for older equipment

How it works

  • Contact your Alfa Laval representative in your country to order the right kit for your equipment
  • Service kits can be ordered separately or be included as part of a Service Agreement


Get more information on service kits for:

Secure safety and quality with the right tools

During scheduled maintenance and service of your Alfa Laval equipment, it is important to use the correct tools to ensure safety and quality. Our service specialists provide you with all you need for fast removal and handling, to decrease the service time. Contact your Alfa Laval representative to request service tools.

Use of the correct tools is especially important for equipment that rotates at high speed and/or is not suitable for manual lifting due to size and/or weight.

Specific tools are available for:

  • Lifting the equipment for installation and de-installation
  • Conducting maintenance
  • Mounting the equipment
  • Handling equipment parts
  • Tools can be provided when you need them

Learn more about service tools for:


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