When servicing your equipment isn't enough

Do you know when it's time to move from fixing it to replacing it? Sooner or later, regularly servicing your equipment just isn't enough. Whether you’re looking to be more energy efficient, increase yield or your equipment is not as reliable as it once was, let Alfa Laval help you navigate a better solution. We have the technology and expertise to help you make that important equipment upgrade or replacement decision.

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Calculate the value of service and your energy savings

Did you know that servicing heat transfer equipment at the recommended intervals will optimize efficiency, reduce energy waste and save your total cost of ownership? Our heat exchanger calculator can estimate how much energy you can save by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption and provide a monetary savings estimate.


Rebuild, replace or retrofit?

When is it time?

If visible and operational signs aren’t obvious, when do you know that it is time to rebuild, refurbish or replace your equipment? Alfa Laval’s experts can help you determine the right solution for your needs. Talk to one today and schedule your free equipment assessment!

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Our approach

Our experts are your consultants – we are here to help you identify where your equipment is in its lifecycle and to provide a replacement option, based on your budget and application needs. We’ll guide you through the latest technologies and how they might enhance your production process.

Learn more about rebuilds for:

Physical signs of replacement:

  • Additional operating noise or vibration
  • Increased leaks or product loss
  • Reduced end-product quality
  • Equipment deterioration

Operational issues that point to replacement:

  • Product no longer meets code or industry certifications
  • Requires more frequent cleaning, maintenance and downtime
  • Unable to find genuine replacement parts
  • Not as energy efficient
  • No longer meets plant’s sustainability requirements
  • Doesn’t sync with latest plant automation
  • Existing equipment doesn’t fit new revenue stream
  • Costs a lot to run
  • Process yield reductions

Download equipment replacement checklist

Frequently asked questions

What's included?

An Alfa Laval expert will visit your site for a full inspection of your equipment. You’ll receive a full report (budgetary proposal) of recommended repairs or replacements that includes options to fit your budget and deliver the performance you will most benefit from.

Is your equipment at risk of causing a crisis?

So, you didn’t plan on purchasing new Alfa Laval equipment just yet, but production demands require an immediate solution. We have customer support, engineering and service teams available – to help right now with immediate options that will keep you operating until new equipment can be procured and installed.

Do aging equipment issues or planned asset renewal cycles point to a developing need?

Maybe your Municipality, Food or Industrial facility could benefit from Alfa Laval’s range of sustainable solutions. Maybe your equipment is running well, but you are contemplating upgrading to the latest technology. Alfa Laval can help identify how a new equipment alternative or solution might save you money now and pay for itself in the future. Many of our latest products are designed to increase your capacity and energy efficiency, assist with waste heat recovery and improve your production yield, uptime and reliability – all reducing your overall carbon footprint.


Redesign your equipment's performance

All Alfa Laval equipment can be easily adapted. Whenever you need to make process or capacity changes, our specialists can redesign it to optimize the process or increase the efficiency.

How it works

Our experts:

  • Provide solutions to adapt to your changing needs, whether it be process requirements, process conditions, media changes, capacity change, legislation changes or energy requirements change
  • Provide a comprehensive proposal along with a time plan, associated costs and expected equipment output

Upgrade your technology to face new challenges

By upgrading, you keep pace with changing process demands, such as those for more capacity, less energy consumption and high product quality. Our wide range of upgrade solutions ensures that your Alfa Laval equipment features the latest technology and continues to meet current and future requirements.

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How it works

Our experts:

  • Help you review the options for equipment upgrades during maintenance or major repair work
  • Recommend new solutions to match your equipment or plant's changing needs
  • Provide solutions that can include control upgrades to improve equipment automation

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