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Printed circuit heat exchangers

Alfa Laval printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs) combine superior robustness and integrity with an exceptionally high heat transfer rate, in a unit that’s up to 85 % smaller and lighter than comparable shell-and-tube exchangers. The unique design results in excellent performance, lower installation and operational costs, as well as improved safety. Each unit is also fully customizable according to your exact needs.

阿法拉伐印刷电路板换热器(PCHE)-printed circuit heat exchangers

Carbon capture, utilization and storage

CCU/S  will be fundamental for the future of the energy market in industries with limited options to decarbonize. Alfa Laval's heat transfer technology can maximize the efficiency of carbon capture.

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Energy Storage

Long-term, utility-scale storage enables the potential for renewable energy available 24/7. Alfa Laval's heat transfer technology is the core in cost efficient energy storage solutions.

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Take the lead in hydrogen refueling

At Alfa Laval we can support you with highly efficient heat exchangers that maximize the filling capacity of your systems, as well as expert advice on how to optimize your hydrogen cooling process

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Alfa Laval Accelerating sustainable solutions

Accelerating sustainable solutions

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