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Twin-Cel energy recovery system

Twin-Cel is a two-tower total energy (enthalpy) recovery device, which uses Kathene/Kalsorb liquid desiccant solutions to re-capture both sensible and latent energy (temperature and moisture) from building exhaust. Twin-Cel typically recovers more than twice as much energy as traditional devices, which capture only a fraction of the sensible energy in the air.


Twin-Cel saves energy and cleans the air

  • Recovers up to 75% of total exhausted energy, reducing the building’s carbon footprint and the energy required for heating and cooling by up to 70%
  • Removes bacteria, viruses and mould from ventilation air and exhaust
  • Keeps supply and exhaust airstreams separate, preventing microbiological cross-contamination
  • Controls temperature and humidity while improving indoor air quality.

Alfa Laval’s Kathabar Twin-Cel system is available in a wide range of capacities, including single units from 7,500 CFM up to 84,000 CFM. It is available with either horizontal or vertical airflow discharge and features a vertical, free-standing, seal-free, fiberglass Kathene pump and tank assembly. Multiple units can be coupled together to accommodate larger airflows.

Constructed of industrial-grade fiberglass for reliability and a long equipment life, the system can be configured flexibly to accommodate multiple exhaust systems feeding a single supply, or vice versa.

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Engineered solutions for a range of applications


Archive Solutions

The Twin-Cel system enables tempering of the ventilation air stream, lowering utility costs of the HVAC system that is used to protect the integrity and value of archives.

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Hospital Solutions

The Twin-Cel system cools and dehumidifies incoming fresh air in the summer, and automatically heats and humidifies the air in the winter – utilizing the exhaust air steam from the building and an additional water source if required.

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How it works

The Twin-Cel System consists of one or more supply units to pre-treat building ventilation air, and one or more exhaust units to recover energy from building exhaust air. The supply and exhaust streams are scrubbed with a biocidal desiccant solution, either Kathene or Kalsorb, depending on the design, that transfers both temperature and humidity. Total energy transfer is accomplished by continuously re-circulating the solution between the supply and exhaust units.

Twin Cel how it works

Year-round control

The system can run in summer or winter modes. Depending on the placement and location of the equipment, one or both settings may be appropriate.


Summer cooling

In the summer, the warm, moist ventilation air transfers energy to the relatively cool, dry building exhaust. This results in the ventilation air being cooled and dehumidified before it enters the building’s HVAC system, therefore reducing the refrigeration load. The energy in the desiccant solution from the absorbed temperature and humidity is transferred to the exhaust unit, where it is released to the environment along with the building exhaust.

Winter heating

In the winter, heat and humidity can be captured from the building exhaust airstream and used to treat the incoming ventilation air. The relatively warm, moist building exhaust is used to heat and humidify the cold, dry ventilation air before it enters the building’s HVAC system, therefore reducing the amount of additional heating and humidification required. In cold climates, supplemental heat and/or moisture may be required to reach the desired supply air condition.

Service and spare parts

Our aftermarket Group works closely with our customers, providing service, support, upgrades, retrofits, or getting replacement parts for existing equipment. Our team is backed with the history and engineering to deliver the best solutions to keep the equipment running smoothly for years to come.

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Alfa Laval Twin-Cel has a flexible solution that can help you recover valuable energy, simply and efficiently, with minimal stress and minimal cost.

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