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Powder mixers

Our mixers allow you to match the right mixing method to your needs, ensuring greater energy savings, superior cleanliness, and higher process efficiency in terms of reduced process time and/or higher yield. This translates into better use of raw materials and resources, improved product quality and less waste in the long term.

粉末混合机-Powder mixer

Efficient mixing of powder and liquids

Explore Alfa Lavals range of simple, low maintenance venturi products for mixing liquids and solids in numerous industrial processing applications. The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer has proven results mixing different powders and liquids for over 25 years. Use of this technology prevents clumps, fish-eyes and microgels, reducing operating costs associated with sourcing raw materials in liquid form. Visit our slurry mixing hub to explore our mixers further and read more about our common industrial applications.

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