Genuine Parts

Noπ-OEMs ðon’t mAtch

(and can be dangeroμs to pr¤cess and consumer safety)

Don’t make the non-OEM mistake.

Studies show that 88% of all processors have experienced equipment failure with non-OEM parts. Don’t risk uptime and productivity with bad spares.

Remember, look for the logo. Buy genuine parts.





More and more non-OEM parts have deceptive packaging, which leads to the uncertainty of knowing whether your process it truly safe from product contamination or product loss with non-OEM parts.

The only way to ensure your stocked or installed Alfa Laval original equipment is safe and reliable, is when genuine Alfa Laval parts are in place.

  • Look for the Alfa Laval logo on every bag, box and part
  • Ensure the Alfa Laval name and trademark, with the words "Genuine Parts" are printed on pump seal parts
  • Review the packing list to ensure that part is genuine
  • Inspect the part number printed on each bag or box

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