Commercial refrigeration

Alfa Laval's extensive selection of heat exchangers is designed to excel in various residential and commercial climate applications and play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency. From air conditioning systems (including chillers) to tap-water heating solutions like boilers and solar-powered systems, our technology ensures energy is harnessed and utilized efficiently. Our heat exchangers are also integral to heat pumps, contributing to sustainable commercial refrigeration.

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Simply fresh – today and tomorrow

With more than 80 years of successful heat transfer development, Alfa Laval knows what it takes to deliver energy-efficient solutions for your application. Our brand is about performance and our goal is to deliver the best products and solutions for your job. We develop highly standardized ranges and classify them by article numbers to facilitate easy selection and quick delivery. This ensures that you always get the right solution from one single supplier.

Today's solutions for tomorrow's demands

Our energy-efficient refrigeration solutions are developed to handle the demands of today's industries and are also ready for the future in terms of international refrigerant and emission regulations. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are certified according to below regulations and standards.

  • Energy efficiency – Our products and solutions save energy, reduce cost and are future proof.
  • Expert reliability – With over 80 years of experience in heat transfer technology and more than 5,000 installations across the world we have the application expertise.
  • Simple and available – We offer a compatible full standard product range from stock. Our products are easy to select and install and no matter which country we are there to support you.

Browse the latest brazed plate heat exchanger catalog

The first Alfa Laval brazed plate heat exchangers (BHEs) were developed in the seventies. Today, they are well-established components in commercial refrigeration systems due to their compactness, durable designs, ease of installation and cost efficient operation.

Alfa Laval Brazed plate heat exchanger

Smaller, lighter, stronger and more efficient

Alfa Laval copper brazed plate heat exchangers are smaller and stronger – a result of high heat transfer coefficients, small hold-up volumes and the use of thin materials. Unlike conventional shell and tube heat exchangers, their efficient design allows them to provide more heat transfer with a smaller footprint

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