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Service for Aalborg boilers

Alfa Laval has supplied more than 45,000 boilers, thermal fluid heaters and economizers of the highest quality to commercial vessels since 1919. We guarantee cost-effective technical service and support on all boilers we supply throughout the decades-long life cycle of our boilers. Our service engineers work out solutions that take into account environmentally compatible technologies and comply with all standards and regulations.

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Dry dock service for Aalborg boilers

Key offerings


Spare parts

Read more about Alfa Laval Spare parts offerings to maximize uptime and reduce costs. Original OEM - Spare parts Equipment upgrades Service kits

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Repair and retrofit

Alfa Laval Repair for boilers restores your equipment to good-as-new condition and can even be used to extend boiler life. It can be a more cost-effective option than buying new parts, or in the worst case buying and installing a new boiler.

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Digital Services

Alfa Laval Aalborg Digital Services are a data-driven way to secure boiler uptime, improve boiler performance and lower boiler operating costs.

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