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Boosting Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Performance

Alkylation processes are an important tool for refineries to create octane that is required to meet gasoline specifications. Our refinery experts focus on Sulfuric Acid Alkylation and how our Compact Welded Plate heat exchanger technology helps refinery customers

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Improving hydrotreater performance with welded heat exchangers

Looking to improve your hydrotreater performance? Watch our recently recorded webinar where our refinery experts discuss why today’s hydrotreaters are facing challenges and how to solve them using welded plate heat exchanger technology.

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Refineries: how to reduce carbon intensity while increasing profitability using welded heat exchangers

Looking to reduce your refinery’s carbon intensity? Do you also need to increase profitability at the same time? Watch our recent webinar to learn how to make this happen by using Welded plate heat exchanger technology.

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An innovative approach to solving distillation condenser challenges in refineries

Are you working on solving reliability issues or optimizing distillation/fractionator overhead condenser in your Refinery? Watch our recent webinar to learn more

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Rethink your refinery

For optimal efficiency, sustainability and profitability