Webinar: Maximize your fall power plant shutdown


Power plants feature numerous major systems and subsystems in which flows of liquids and gasses must be cooled, heated, cleaned and separated efficiently and reliably.

Improved process sustainability can be realized with the proper shutdown maintenance plan. The result? Higher fuel efficiency, lower initial cost per kilowatt, longer maintenance intervals and increased output. Join us to learn more about gasketed plate heat exchanger maintenance in this webinar.

In this webinar, discover how to:

  • Ensure you are getting optimal performance
  • Lower maintenance costs and maximize the value of your maintenance dollars
  • Understand, anticipate and avoid common maintenance problems

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Meet the speakers

Mark Sloan

All Brands Business Development

Mark has been involved in the heat transfer business since he graduated from the University of Houston in 1981 in Mechanical Technology. He has worked in the Alfa Laval Service Group for almost 30 years. Troubleshooting all types of gasketed plate heat exchangers has been his primary goal for his entire career at Alfa Laval.


Luke McCoy

Account Manager, Southwest Territory

Luke started with Alfa Laval in 2012 as a plate heat exchanger mechanic. He was later promoted to managing the Fresno Service Center, leveraging his experience with high speed separators, decanters and PHE reconditioning. He currently serves the western region as a service account manager for the energy sector.


Carl Challenger

Business Development Manager, Southeast Territory

Carl is an engineering graduate from Kingston Upon Thames University and has more than 15 years of commercial and technical sales experience. He spent eight years with Alfa Laval UK as a Technical Sales Engineer covering separation equipment across a range of applications including brewery, environment, food and natural resources before crossing over to heat exchangers.

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