Meeting a 5 ppm limit with PureBilge

For the latest additions to its fleet, Dutch transport specialist switched from coalesces systems to Alfa Laval PureBilge separator systems for bilge water treatment. Find out why.

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Why gamble on the magic pipe?

Why is it so important to comply with worldwide bilge water regulations and how can you pick the right technology for the job? With this white paper from Alfa Laval, you can find expert answers to all your bilge water questions.

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Fighting cat fine damage

Download this CIMAC paper to learn how the right fuel cleaning system layout with automatic flow rate control and intensified monitoring can reduce the risk of cat fines for two-stroke marine engines.

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Energy savings beyond the pump

Download this Alfa Laval white paper to learn about flow optimization of the separator feed in marine fuel treatment, and why it’s so important for both minimizing risks and increasing energy savings.

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Save fuel while protecting your engine

The latest edition of this technical reference “BlueBook” provides an overview of the Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line concept for marine applications, with detailed information on specific components as well as an introduction to fuel handling in general.

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Engine protection with Alfa Laval separators

Fuels is the single biggest operating cost of a ship, and professional fuel management is essential to avoid serious breakdowns. Hear from marine industry experts about how Alfa Laval separation technology helps lower costs and mitigate risks at sea.

Alfa Laval PureNOx Prime

Find out why Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with Alfa Laval separation technology is the smart choice when it comes to NOx abatement at sea.