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Alfa Laval Hermetic Design

Our unique airtight separator provides gentle product handling, smooth flow and maximum product quality. We call it Alfa Laval Hermetic Design. It reduces shear force, lowers power consumption and prevents oxygen pickup. An environment without any air in the process fluid ensures better process control and optimal process conditions. With Hermetic Design, the separator consumes less energy, due to the favorable fluid dynamics inside the bowl. The design also optimizes the cleaning-in-place (CIP) cycle, ensuring the CIP fluid comes into contact with all product-wetted parts.


  • Airtight bottom-feed inlet
  • Smooth flow paths
  • Airtight outlet


  • No oxidation of product
  • Gentle handling of shear-sensitive fluids
  • High degree of flexibility and wider flow range without having to adjust separator hardware
  • Higher product quality
  • Up to 40% in energy savings


  • Lower shear for smooth acceleration of the feed and gentle product flow
  • No oxygen pick-up, no air interface
  • Higher separation efficiency
  • No loss of volatile components
  • Higher degree of process control
  • Less energy consumption
  • Efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP)
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Where to use it

In the dairy, food, beverage, brewery, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and vegetable oil industries.


How Hermetic Design works

From the separator’s airtight bottom-fed inlet zone, feed enters the separator through a closed hollow spindle, which prevents oxygen pickup. The bowl with its carefully engineered outlets effectively eliminates any air-liquid interface inside the separator. Low shear in the feed inlet zone secures gentle product acceleration into the separator, and low shear in the bowl ensures gentle product handling during the separation process. This minimizes product loss and increases separation efficiency. Hermetic Design, for instance, prevents the destruction of the cell walls for biotech processes and emulsification in dairy and edible oil processes.

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Hermetic Design: an expert view

Our expert in life-science and industrial fermentation applications has been working with separation technology for more than 30 years. Watch this video to hear him explain the inner workings of the Hermetic Design technology. Learn more about the various benefits it can bring to products across a wide spectrum of different industries and applications.

eDrive™ and Hermetic Design mean energy and cost efficiency

Take a closer look at Alfa Laval’s unique Hermetic Design concept. This animation goes inside an Alfa Laval separator to give you a better view of how the technology works. It explains how Hermetic Design in combination with our eDrive direct-drive system provides market-leading energy efficiency along with market-leading cost savings.

Take advantage of Alfa Laval features

All Alfa Laval separators are developed with the benefit of more than 130 years of experience with disc stack separation technology and our deep knowledge of customer processes. Find out how all that expertise has gone into unique features for improved separation performance.

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