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Alfa Laval Alfie centrifugal separators remove oil, grease and solid particles from industrial coolants. They help prevent tool wear, reduce fluid consumption and lower your disposal costs. Buy now online!

Alfie Separator product picture

Quick, continuous cleaning

  • Can be linked to a bypass flow, ensuring less downtime for service
  • Disc stack separators provide simultaneous, three-phase separation of oil and sludge
  • Designed for operator convenience
  • No machinery redesign required
  • Buy now from the new Alfa Laval Web Shop!

The Alfa Laval Alfie range of compact, high-speed centrifugal separators minimizes operating costs by keeping coolants clean. Systems are fast and effective – helping improve end-product quality and reducing maintenance manhours. And for your convenience, you can now purchase Alfie from the new Alfa Laval Web Shop!

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How it works 

Alfie systems separate phases quickly by using a centrifugal force that's 5,000 times stronger than the gravity used in traditional settling tanks.

The centrifugal force presses heavy particles outwards against the separator walls. The disc stack forces lighter particles to follow the heavier ones instead of the liquid, making separation more precise and efficient.

Drawing of a separator bowl

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Purchase the Alfie separator today from the new Alfa Laval Web Shop.