Automated Fuel Changeover System

The Automated Fuel Changeover System (ACS) is a reliable, fully automatic fuel changeover system that facilitates fuel oil changeover while maintaining fuel viscosity and temperature within the necessary limits. The ACS can be integrated with the Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning Module (FCM) or any other booster system, new or existing.


Automated reliability

  • Helps ensure compliance with fuel regulations, and can handle up to four different fuels
  • Cutting-edge control of variations in fuel temperature and viscosity makes it possible to achieve a safe fuel changeover every single time
  • Seamless integration with fuel boosters like Alfa Laval FCM ensures reliability and efficiency
  • Versatile system which can utilize chilled water for cooling when needed
  • Process control is available from a remote panel, meaning you can customize the changeover procedure where necessary
Alfa Laval Automated Changeover System (ACS) is the cutting edge of fuel changeover technology. This fully customizable system can be built to suit your exact specifications, but it will always be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. ACS can help you with future changeover challenges, and frees up more time for your crew whilst ensuring your engines are receiving the right fuel at the right time.