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No time for downtime
No time for downtime

There's no time for down time.

Boost your productivity and your bottom line with Alfa Laval tank cleaning devices

Optimize your tank cleaning process

Find the tank cleaner that meets your needs

Each device is custom selected for optimal cleaning. We provide a solution for every tank, tote and vessel, regardless of shape, size or internal obstructions.

Safety, sustainability and cost savings are important objectives for your company, and tank cleaning optimization can make a positive impact on all of them. Using the right tank cleaning device can significantly reduce downtime, while using fewer resources such as water, cleaning agents and energy. Our devices are also designed to increase plant safety by eliminating confined space entry for manual tank cleaning.

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Save time and money

Alfa Laval's rotary impingement tank cleaning devices are guaranteed to positively impact the ultimate scorecard, your bottom line.

Our customers typically see benefits up to:

This patented technology saves companies all over the world billions of gallons of water and chemicals, millions of hours, and facilitates massive increases in plant productivity and worker safety.

How it works: Rotary impingement tank cleaning

Clean tanks, totes, mixers, blenders, kettles, dryers, reactors and more with our automated rotary tank cleaning devices. Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines use patented technology that combines pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets.

This precise, repeatable and reliable, 360° pattern enables you to use the least amount of resources while achieving the most effective tank clean.

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Rotary spray heads

rotary spray head
  • Deliver optimum tank coverage, using a revolving flat fan spray effect that delivers repeated moderate-level impact to penetrate films and dislodge soils on the walls of the tank.
  • Typically provides a 30% reduction in water or solvent usage and delivers a medium-level of impact at 15-40 PSI. 
  • Self-cleaning, self-draining, and with few parts and no welds, the patent-pending design offers easy installation, disassembly and inspection.

Rotary jet heads


  • Specifically engineered to use the pressure and flow available to create high impact cleaning jets. 
  • Automated and fluid-driven, the devices are designed to maximize mechanical force, which reduces the amount of time, temperature and cleaning solution needed to effectively clean.

Keep your tank cleaning device running at its peak

If you take proper care, your tank cleaning machine(s) will last for decades. We guarantee a 24-48-hour turnaround on all service and repairs so you don’t have to worry about excessive tank downtime.

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