Alfa Laval Kathabar

Twin-Cel systems applications

Complete humidity control within a variety of markets and applications


Alfa Laval Kathabar dehumidification systems perform in varied applications spanning wide ranges of capabilities within numerous markets.  

Alfa Laval Kathabar Twin-Cel systems operate on the principle of exchanging temperature and humidity between air and a desiccant transfer solution. 

Benefits of Twin-Cel technology

  • Total enthalpy recovery - Recovers both sensible and latent energy from the exhaust airstream.
  • Single unit sizes up to 84,000 CFM - Multiple supply or exhaust units can be coupled to cater to larger airflows.
  • Winter humidification without the need for a humidifier - Only requiring the use of a small water make-up line.
  • Flexible equipment configurations - System can be configured to use multiple exhaust systems to feed a single supply or vice versa.
  • No microbiological cross-contamination/cross leakage - Supply and exhaust airstreams never come in contact with each other.  Biocidal desiccant scrubs ventilation air and exhaust of airborne bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Industrial FRP (fiberglass) construction - Providing a long equipment life.
  • Comfort control - Control temperature and humidity while improving IAQ.
  • Utility savings - Reduce heating, cooling and carbon footprint.