Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchanger Performance Audit

A performance audit verifies your plate heat exchanger is performing according to design specifications and helps identify areas where performance can be improved.

Are you getting the most from your heat exchangers?
How are they performing? What condition are they in? Do you have the right spare parts readily available?

The truth is, you won't know how to maximize performance until you check on the current state of your heat exchangers. Waiting for visible signs of disrepair before servicing you heat exchanger can lower its efficiency, increase energy losses, and cause unplanned shutdowns (as shown in the "Waiting too long" chart below). On the other hand, if you clean your plate heat exchangers too often, you may end up lowering productivity (as shown in the "Cleaning too often" chart below).

A Performance Audit provides the expertise you need to evaluate the condition and extend the performance of your heat exchangers.



How a Performance Audit works

Your audit will be carried out by a highly qualified service engineer that has extensive experience with gasketed plate heat exchangers. 

The service engineer will bring Performance Audit equipment that consists of a portable logger with four temperature gauges and a flow gauge. By affixing the gauges on the outside of your heat exchanger pipes, an authorized engineer collects data, including temperature differentials and flow rate, on the actual operating condition of your plate heat exchanger. This usually requires one hour per unit and does not disrupt operations. If you already have this data on hand, you can call it in and we can run your data through our program and produce a report.

Back at the office, the engineer runs the data through a thermal analysis software program that uses the performance benchmarks for every Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger to derive your heat exchanger’s optimal heat load.

You'll receive the audit report which will compare your heat exchanger’s performance to benchmark performance and indicates if your plate heat exchanger requires service.

Audit advantages

    • Reduce operating, maintenance and parts inventory costs over the long term
    • Virtually eliminate the risk of breakdown due to component failure
    • Control your maintenance budget with predictive maintenance
    • Increase production efficiency and profitability


GPHE Performance Audit brochure

360° Service Portfolio brochure


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